Unpopular opinion: being rich won’t buy you a “rich life”

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Everyone wants to make it, but do you know what true success looks like for the most? Endless grinding at the office. Little to no personal time for social activities or dating. Poor sleep. Zero vacations. Far from the private jet, high-octane, tropical island party-fueled “entrepreneur lifestyle” we’re sold to every day on social media, […]

One Girlfriend Vs Multiple Chicks (The BEST dating strategy)

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“To get a girlfriend and settle, or have fun with several chicks and stay single, that is the question…” Whether you’re a seasoned seducer with years of experience, or a guy who is starting to get his first results with women, you’re likely to encounter a unique kind of hamletic doubt along the way: What […]

The Reality Of A Hot Girl’s Life (Trigger warning)

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We live in an unfair world. Most men spend decades (and often their entire lives) trying to accumulate wealth, friendships, and struggling to find decent romantic partners… While some women get all of that and much more daily. Truth is that being a hot young girl is one of life’s most envied and effective life […]

Why your body is cockblocking you (this is awkward)

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Let’s face it, lots of guys hit the gym for dating reasons. The general thinking is that by having a hotter body, you’ll attract hotter girls. And there’s no denying that. What most guys don’t know, however, is that their strategy can also backfire in very negative, unpredictable ways… Severely limiting their masculinity, libido, and overall […]