Getting Dates In Your 20s Vs 30s (Realistic expectations)

No matter your current challenges with women right now, I can promise you one thing:

IT IS going to get much better if you have patience.

Nature has a weird way of compensating men for all the sh!t and rejection they had to experience in dating in their teens and early twenties.

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In fact, while girls make use of their youth and physical beauty to gain access to incredible lifestyle opportunities (such as VIP parties, free travels, and holidays), guys reach their seductive peak much later.

Your late twenties and early/mid-thirties are critical in setting a foundation for success and defining the kind of social and romantic results you’ll be able to achieve for the remainder of your life.

That’s why, If you’re a young man (and by today’s standards, being less than 35 is still young), I urge you to think twice before settling exclusively with one woman…

…As you might have just scratched the surface in terms of quantity and quality of girls that you can date/have casual fun with.

I cover this topic, as well as how to realistically make the best out of your 20s and 30s lifestyle-wise in my latest video.

Click on the link below to watch it:

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