Pain Is Not Honorable!

There is truly no honor in being a martyr to your own pain.

If you think that by ignoring sadness, loneliness, and emotional damage you’ll appear as more of a badass, you’re on the wrong path.

If you assume that by blocking out or replacing the negative realities of life you’ll experience only the positive ones and live more happily, you’re set for a grim conclusion.

Paradoxically, the more you allow all kinds of emotional states to permeate you, the more you’ll realize true happiness and self-freedom.

This is what being “tough” is really about…

Taking a hit, accusing the pain, and moving on, BUT also taking the time to heal and rest at a later moment.

Because without healing and emotional recovery, chances are you’ll never grow and remain stuck in a childlike, scarce emotional state.

If you want to learn how to properly take the foot off the pedal and handle inner pain like a Man, watch the video below:

P.SPain is inevitable, but you know what’s not?


Knowing that you missed out on something big because of anxiety and fear is one of the most unsettling sensations a man can experience.

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