How To Stop Being A Sheep (From Prey to Predator)

The quality of your life is largely dictated by one choice: to be a Prey or a Predator.

Some people strive big time to be accepted and believe that the only way to conduct a happy life is by conforming to what everyone else is doing while ignoring, or repressing, their masculine instincts.

If conflict with others or unplanned challenges arise, they’re unable to respond, frozen like deers in headlights. Those are the prey.

Then you got the Predators, a rare breed of men who live according to their true will and nature. Guys who have managed to unleash their inner aggression and instincts and channel them to quadruply their results and opportunities.

Despite the negative connotations that the term has acquired in recent history, predators do NOT improve their lives by feeding on others’ work or wreaking havoc on the prey. Instead, they use their inner strength, resilience, and empathy to help and assist those in need.

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To be top of the social & seductive food chain is as much a mental as a physical endeavor.

First, to feel strong and able to optimally adapt to life’s challenges, you need to be physically strong. This is a tricky area as most men associate physical strength to stiff, bulky bodybuilder type of bodies –– all show no go.

Second, it’s about developing the right kind of mindset. Mastering your inner power and aggression is the total opposite of being a douchy, boisterous individual.

You can find a comprehensive explanation of how to transition from Prey to Predator in my latest video.

Click on the link below to check it out:

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