No Brainer: You Need To Develop A Deeper Voice To Be Sexy

Want to know what separates platonic friend material from potential lovers?


Being the kind of man who can stir up female desire and drive her wild by his mere presence is the X factor to effortless dating success.

It’s also what separates those who spend their entire lives desperately chasing women from those who have girls around them no matter where they go.

Problem is, you can’t fake being sexy.

Way too often I see guys overemphasizing the “tactical” and strategy-based aspects of dating to––allow me the word––fool girls into thinking they’re attractive…

Bragging about their careers and hobbies to “display value” or by excessively teasing the girl until she feels insecure.

Austin Powers Flirting GIF

That is a WASTE of time.

Either she will see through the smoke and mirrors right away and ignore you/reject you.

Or even worse, she will fall for it only for you to realize that she doesn’t like the real you but your fabricated pickup persona.

A better way to go about it is to invest quality time and focus on developing the #1 source of sexiness: your character.

And nothing makes your character more interesting and seductive than the first thing people get to know about you…

…Your voice!

Simply put, the way you talk and sound is a huge indicator of your personality and masculinity.

A deep, articulate, and slow voice can instantly attract and turn on women at a very visceral and powerful level often more than words do.

After devoting over two decades to the professional study of theater, drama, and singing before joining TNL, I now regularly coach our students on how to render their voices more masculine and seductive with epic results.

If you want to learn more on how to improve your voice for dating success, check my latest video. Click the link below to watch it:


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