Healing Isn’t For Wimps

John, Shae and Erros answer a viewer question about self-love, the ultimate turning point to go from mediocrity to experiencing an abundant and joyful life.

Videogame Principles To 10x Your Dating Life – Part 1

James explains the similarities between trial and error aspects of videogames and The Beginner’s Hell of early Daygame endeavor – and they’re not the ones you might be thinking of. Can strategies from one be carried over to the other? Should they be? Find out in this episode

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Why Tinder Is Dead

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#1 Tip To Create Fast Wealth as a Young Man

James and John answer a viewer’s question about creating wealth in your early adulthood and mention their own experience, common mistakes, and things to take notice of when you’re starting out

Why Modern Men Feel Lonely

In Part 2, James explains the importance of lifestyle design and walks you through the first steps of building a group of supportive collaborators.