One Girlfriend Vs Multiple Chicks (The BEST dating strategy)

“To get a girlfriend and settle, or have fun with several chicks and stay single, that is the question…”

Whether you’re a seasoned seducer with years of experience, or a guy who is starting to get his first results with women, you’re likely to encounter a unique kind of hamletic doubt along the way:

What to do after you sleep with a girl you like.

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Should you keep seeing her and eventually transition into a classic monogamous relationship?

Should you keep things open and keep seeing other girls on the side to further fuel your seductive abundance?Or shall you just break things off to avoid future drama?

Unfortunately, there is no one magic answer to this situation…

In fact, traditional exclusive relationships can be great for connecting and developing strong mutual trust and connection, but so can polyamorous ones.

The real question you should ask yourself before jumping into any sort of romantic arrangement is: “what do I want to get out of this?”.

Stay true to your intentions, and you will piss a few girls off but live happily.

Ignore your instincts to please others, and you’ll end up regretful.

In our latest video, my close friend and fellow TNL coach, Shae Matthews, dives deep into choosing the best kind of relationship for your unique masculine and emotional needs.

I strongly recommend you check it out now before it goes viral 😉

Click on the link below to watch it:

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