Online Academy

Online Academy

TNL has a range of digital training packages, with online products covering:
The comprehensive methodology of Natural Seduction, meditation for social flow, massage & sexual mastery and productivity and lifestyle design.

5 Principles of Natural Seduction

#infield# natural seduction# escalation

James Marshall’s groundbreaking 5 week online course, unveiling the blueprint and practical application of Natural style seduction.
In depth lectures, infield breakdowns, weekly missions to work through and apply each week.

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A Natural History

#relationships# sexuality# natural seduction

This combination of book and online course reveals James Marshall’s crazy backstory in his memoir, “A Natural History”.
It contains dozens of video tutorials on evolving into a Natural Seducer, as well as the 6 Phases modules which help you chart the lifetime phases of your seduction and relationship map.

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Masculine Touch Blueprint

#escalation# masculinity# sexual touch

Do you struggle to get physical on a date? Are you unsure when is the right time to kiss? Are you afraid of rejection, to the point where you don't make a move and end up in the friendzone?
Liam's 6 week course guides you through these problems with practical demonstrations with a live role play model.

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Marshall Meditation Method

#meditation# tantra# sexuality

James Marshall shares his meditation secrets in this comprehensive, 6-week Online Course designed to remove social anxiety, help you become more confident, charismatic & easily experience flow state through practical and simple meditation tools.

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Dating Accelerator

#infield# dating# approaching

Learn the fundamentals of approaching, getting numbers and going on dates in a practical 3 week course.

This field-tested course will guide you step-by-step on how to start approaching and meeting women in your everyday life.

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Sensual Massage Mastery

#massage# dating# sexuality

Shae Mathews delivers an incredibly practical guide to interegating sensual touch and erotic massage into your seduction and relationship life.

After 15 years of study and practice, Shae reveals his most powerful yet easy to learn tehniques for turning a woman into jelly in your hands.

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The Limitless Seducer

#lifestyle# daygame# personal development

This book and online course combination product shares Liam McRae’s insights into his 90 day lifehacking experiment: how much sex can a guy have while also regularly exercising, making money, meditating and still having time for creative pursuits?

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Rapid Escalation - Book

#infield# touch# escalation

Liam Mcrae’s book contains dozens of his personal journals about his journey from nerdy loser to consistently pulling girls in under an hour.
Plus detailed theory on how rapid escalation can be integrated into your game.

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James Marshall's

FREE 3-part course on "Natural Game"

Here is what you get
  • - 7 Week video course on The 5 Principles of Natural Seduction
  • - Bonus Ebook by James Marshall