Do you make these nice guy mistakes?

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How comfortable are you in disappointing others? I’m not talking about being disrespectful or creating false expectations about you. But to just stay authentic to your character and enforce your boundaries even if others might not agree with you. This is a fundamental personality trait that women, and people in general, perceive as attractive. Unfortunately, […]

How to get her to take you home (my secret trick revealed!)

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The worst pains and ordeals in dating can be avoided if you do one thing… Actively try to understand women. I’ve seen guys doing hundreds of approaches. Practicing relentlessly the best social freedom drills & routines. Improving their appearance, vocal tonality, and status. And still struggling to barely get girls to pay attention to them. […]

We interviewed girls on boyfriends & relationships! (full video)

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In the past, you’ve heard me talking about all sorts of ways to initiate conversations with & date beautiful girls. But today, I want to focus on the opposite side of the spectrum: How do women regularly meet their boyfriends? This is a very underestimated topic and the exact kind of perspective you should become […]