The biggest deal breaker for men (no judging!)

Today we’re going to deal with one of the biggest double standards in dating.

Something most men get terrified by and incredibly judgmental about.

Tell me…

How do you feel knowing that a girl you like has slept with lots of dudes?

And more importantly, what’s your opinion in general about very sensual, s*xually free and liberated women?

Think about it for a few seconds.

Take your time.

See, I’ve been there too…

Ask me the same question a decade or so ago, and the answer would have probably been a combination of confusion mixed with disgust, sadness, or even denial––and that’s what I’d personally define as a “moderate to low” reaction.

As I mentioned before, most men are extremely uncomfortable with this topic.

Going to the lengths of putting pressure and actively shame on girls to keep them under their control.

Dating Controlling GIF by Snack

Many of us are guilty of this, to varying degrees…

That’s because common masculine thinking tends to strictly separate women into two categories: the “saint/girl next door/girlfriend material” types and the “one-night stand/no strings attached/s!ut types”.

PLOT TWIST: most women can and will fit in both roles at different stages in their lives.

To start making sense of and learn more about this crazy and unsettling topic, watch the video below:


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