How to get her to take you home (my secret trick revealed!)

The worst pains and ordeals in dating can be avoided if you do one thing…

Actively try to understand women.

I’ve seen guys doing hundreds of approaches.

Practicing relentlessly the best social freedom drills & routines.

Improving their appearance, vocal tonality, and status.

And still struggling to barely get girls to pay attention to them.

Or they do get women on dates but never manage to sleep with them as they get zero seductive compliance and tons of resistance.

What did they do wrong?

In short, they ignored the girl’s responses.

Perhaps the most paradoxical trait of the dating & seduction industry is how many men within it are clueless about what women are telling them.


It takes two to tango––the sooner you realize it, the better your results will be.

Conversation frameworks, escalation techniques––all these things don’t matter if you are not aware of how she feels around you. It’s just an act.

And women have built-in B.S. detector when it comes to picking the best guys.

On the other side, for those few adepts who truly understand the subtleties of female psychology, life becomes easy ––tons of dates, zero resistance, and some girls will even take you home themselves.

If you want to truly start understanding the complexities and miracles of the female mind, check my latest video masterclass.

This is an epic 100-min crash course I’ve just released for free on YouTube in collaboration with TNL’s female coach Virag Tierra that explains everything you need to know in 2021 to fully understand women.

If you take your time and study thoroughly, it will make you realize how blind you may be in certain areas of dating. Click the link below to watch it:


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After in-depth research and consulting other world-class dating coaches, I have specifically chosen Kyiv as the permanent location for all our upcoming programs in 2021, and that’s for a very good reason…

Currently, no other place in the world compares to it in terms of seductive logistics… It’s easy to get in and out, everything is super safe and open, and most importantly, every single street, cafe, and even shopping market is filled with socially open, eastern European beauties.

Take advantage of this, before it becomes just another hyper-saturated dating bubble dominated by lots of male competitors 😉

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