We interviewed girls on boyfriends & relationships! (full video)

In the past, you’ve heard me talking about all sorts of ways to initiate conversations with & date beautiful girls.

But today, I want to focus on the opposite side of the spectrum:

How do women regularly meet their boyfriends?

This is a very underestimated topic and the exact kind of perspective you should become familiar with as a man if you want to better understand & communicate with girls.

To answer this question, I took a microphone, my trusted cameraman, and ventured into the crowded streets of post-lockdown Budapest interviewing very diverse types of women.

So, how do women regularly find a boyfriend?

The answer will probably surprise you, as much as it surprised me…

To find out what that is, check my latest video before it goes viral 😉

Link below:


P.S. No matter how women meet their dating partners, one thing is certain:

Women want to meet guys who make them feel something.

We at The Natural Lifestyles specialize in helping you become the kind of man who can make unforgettable first impressions on women; who just “gets her” in an effortless manner.

The way we can help you to get there is by intensively (up to 80+ hours of coaching per student) mentoring you for 4, 7, or even 10 whole days as part of our live dating & lifestyle design workshops.

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