Do you make these nice guy mistakes?

How comfortable are you in disappointing others?

I’m not talking about being disrespectful or creating false expectations about you.

But to just stay authentic to your character and enforce your boundaries even if others might not agree with you.

This is a fundamental personality trait that women, and people in general, perceive as attractive.

Unfortunately, lots of guys deliberately avoid it in favor of a people-pleasing, “nice guy” kind of mentality…

Putting others’ satisfaction and approval before their self-interest.

But make no mistake, the above has nothing to do with having a good heart or being unconditionally kind to others…

It’s just a tactic.

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A covert contract where you help someone and act nice just because you expect something in return.

A striking example of this is men who traditionally buy women flowers and invite them to fancy dinners on the first date just because they hope they’ll reciprocate and sleep with them in return.

That is the worst dating strategy ever conceived, and ultimately just delusional.

A much better and more effective option is daring to express your true masculine desire and honest opinion to girls and see how they react.

You’ll be surprised to notice that often, the more you challenge and disagree with her, the more she’ll become attracted to you.

I explain more about this topic and how to make the transition from pathological nice guy to independent and attractive male in my latest video.

Click the link below to watch it:


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