The Marshall Meditation Method is a field-proven system that will help you to overcome your ‘Approach Anxiety’, but that’s just the beginning…

MMM is a comprehensive, 6-Week Online Course designed to help you stay relaxed in stressful situations, become more confident, positive and easily experience flow state & the ‘power of now’ through practical and simple meditation tools. TNL’s most popular home study course is finally back with all new material.

Let’s face it,

if you’re reading this, you’re probably a guy who gets stuck in his head too much. You over think things, have negative thoughts that never seem to go away, second guess yourself and find stress constantly building in your life.

All of this combines to makes it nearly impossible to consistently approach beautiful woman walking down the street.

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of meditation. It’s become mainstream popular with books like “The Power of Now”. Initially it seems pretty simple, right?

Sit on a comfortable cushion, relax to some soothing music and focus on your breathing. Or set the timer on your meditation app and follow the digital guru. Once you’re done, all of that mental noise has disappeared, you feel at peace and are ready to take on the day.

Until you see that beautiful woman and all of a sudden your chest locks up like a block of ice. Your heart is POUNDING in your ears because you KNOW you should be approaching her.

But you just can’t seem to take that step towards her. The next thing you know your mind is racing with a torrent of excuses.

  She’s probably really busy. I bet she has a boyfriend. She’d NEVER date a guy like me.

And eventually the ultimate verdict comes crashing down…

“I have Approach Anxiety!!”

Defeated, you walk away with your tail between your legs, cursed with this crippling disease that never seems to go away. You retreat home, giving yourself enough time to calm down and pray that things will be different tomorrow.
Or maybe you occasionally pluck up the courage to say hello but as soon as there’s an awkward pause in the conversation or she gives the slightest sign of disinterest, you quickly excuse yourself.

Maybe you find this social anxiety extends into other areas of your life, as you find yourself tense and unable to speak freely and connect with people at parties, work events or social situations where you aren’t in your comfort zone.

If any of this sounds familiar, you need to sit up and pay attention RIGHT NOW because I’m about to share something incredibly important with you…

Approach Anxiety isn’t some biological response that is hardwired into our DNA traced back to the caveman days. It is not some genetic defect that means every time you want to approach a girl you’re battling against the very forces of nature itself.

Despite what some pseudo-scientific theorists say, AA is not inevitable, it’s a choice.

The reality is that ‘Approach Anxiety’ is a myth created by the seduction community to justify the limitations that people place on themselves and to pitch snake-oil products to desperate men.

Perhaps you’ve already dabbled in trying to learn meditation. A lot of guys get lost in books filled with spiritual new-age hippy gibberish, or follow some video course promising to make you a Zen Monk in 5 minutes, complete with bells and weird chanting. Or maybe you’ve tried quick fix Apps that promise to bring you inner peace in just a few minutes of following a guided meditation, which may give short term relief but don’t go below the surface to actually help you dig out complex issues.

The problem is that until now there hasn’t been a simple to learn, rational no frills meditation

…that is specifically designed for men who don’t want to ditch the modern world and live in a cave but who have busy lives and want to achieve a sense of inner peace, so that they can be more effective, relaxed and in flow, especially when meeting women.

So let me ask you this:

Do you want to continue spending hours and hours of your life on the streets trying to hopelessly approach women, only to fall victim to your anxiety? Are you satisfied to only meet women when they come into your social circle?

Are you willing to continue investing hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars into ‘approach anxiety cures’ which are essentially gimmicks, magic pills that don’t get results?

Do you want to dig through the mountains of confusing and often contrary advice floating around on the internet, or do you want to learn a simple proven system for self transformation and coming to peace with yourself?

Are you ready to finally stop trying to rationalize your way out of ‘Approach Anxiety’ and own up to what’s really going on?

You see, ‘Approach Anxiety’ is actually just a label you’ve placed on a series of sensations within your body that activate when you want to approach a woman. These sensations reacts with your psychology and emotions as you interpret them to mean fear.

In terms of feeling ‘Nervous’, ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Fear’ around women it’s important to understand that these are not real fears. There is no life threatening danger. It’s NOT a primal response to an existential threat. These are simply labels your mind uses to describe these sensations, to protect your ego and to encourage you to back away from the source of the “fear”.

I watch so many men who get into the seduction community fall flat on their face, never breaking through approach anxiety.

Even those that do muscle through with sheer will power often eventually quit because it always feels like a battle to build up the confidence and momentum to keep going.

Effective meditation practice allows you to resolve the internal conflict that separates most men from their true potential.

Dissolving the “Anxiety” is only one benefit and as you follow this course deeper you’ll see that meditation allows you to slip in creative flow states, consciously relax your body and emotions and clear out all the clamoring thoughts in your head, allowing you to have powerful presence and charisma. More on these benefits later.. .

Without studying meditation, it’s so easy to get caught up in these fear labels and think that they’re real. But the question is which of the countless schools and gurus out there are right for you? The truth is that meditation doesn’t need to be some complicated esoteric technique only accessible to a Buddhist monk who sits under a waterfall in the mountains of China for decades.

You don’t have to be enlightened and listen to some old Indian guy chanting in a dead language to uncover the secrets of being ‘in the now’. With the right meditation technologies, you can integrate awareness into your normal routine and even learn to meditate at the same time as chatting up girls!
When you’re a prisoner of your thoughts and fears, it can be depressing to realize that you’re constantly locked in this cycle of overthinking and negative thoughts, without knowing how to break the loop. Trust me, I used to be the same…

Before I started learning meditation I was a bitter and angry Nihilist, proudly cynical of everything and everyone in the world.

I grew up in a really troubled household. My Dad was never around and my mother was so over-worked and stressed that she was constantly having meltdowns, with nobody but me to help her and subsequently take on all of her anger.

It didn’t help that I was a sensitive, artistic kid who played the flute and sang opera, which in the rough Australian school I went to led to constant beatings and bullying. Girls had no interest in me and I found myself at an early age carrying intense social anxiety and physical stress and I developed a set of very rigid views about the world to try to make sense of it all.

“The world is fucked”
“Hot girls are shallow idiots”
“Life is meaningless struggle and everyone is out for themselves”

I was an outcast and on a track to burrowing deeper and deeper into my negativity, stopping me from connecting with anyone who didn’t feel the same way. The only girls I ever got were average hippy chicks who were content to listen to my rants about how the world was ‘out to get me’.

As all of my High School friends were going to University, I set out to find out why I was so angry and nihilistic and try and find a solution.

I got a job picking oranges at a plantation in rural Australia, eventually saving up enough money to travel through Asia with my friend to find some answers.

We ended up taking a whole bunch of magic mushrooms in Bali one night, tripping hard for two days. As I soared through the psychedelic cosmos I got a glimpse into a different part of myself, the version of me that didn’t have all of the negativity and narcissism. My ego and fears fell away, I was free, light hearted and in perfect creative flow.

Hours later as I crashed down to earth from the trip, I immediately felt all my old hang ups and worries reappear. I could see my ego, pride and negativity reform and I was back to square one. I thought to myself;

There HAS to be a way to
do that without drugs.

I travelled on to India where my spiritual journey led me in a temple in Dharamsala, home to the Dalai Lama, where I attended my first Vipassana course, a 10 day Meditation Retreat that changed my life. It was there that I first learned the tools to help me shift my destiny.

The core practice of Vipassana involves using your awareness to scan your body, noticing both good and bad sensations, whilst accepting that they are in a constant state of flux.

With this key understanding I realized that I had the power to shift my awareness and focus.

That I wasn’t a slave to the quirky personality traits I didn’t like, that I didn’t have to be angry and reactive, constantly succumbing to bouts of depression…

I came out feeling light, clear and possibly for the first time actually happy. I finally had tools for change, a way out of the constant negative loops I had always lived in.

Even though I was a broke naïve 19 year old fumbling his way across India, I knew this was the beginning of a powerful journey.

I now knew that it was possible for a man to become aware of his negativity, cynicism, sarcasm, and even crippling ‘approach anxiety’, all of these things that don’t actually help you in any way and just show you that you’re less capable and connected to people…

I knew that it was possible for a man to shift himself without spending months and years on a psychologist’s couch, recounting his childhood, mapping out how everyone else is to blame and turning himself into a victim…

I knew that it was possible for a man to take personal responsibility for his life and establish the confidence he needs to approach a woman and show who he REALLY is.

I was now a man on a mission…

After my first meditation retreat, I did everything I could to deepen my awareness and understanding of these pivotal tools.

I became a vegetarian, found a Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts teacher, devoted myself to 4-5 hours of training a day 6 days a week, and spent the rest of my time meditating or working at a cafe to pay the bills.

I took my first trip to China where I was accepted by the world’s greatest masters of Kung Fu and Buddhism at the Shaolin Temple.

I woke up every morning at dawn and would climb the mountain behind the temple with my master and work on ancient forms of Kung Fu, meditation and philosophy.

While other guys my age were chasing girls, getting wasted and driving fast cars, I essentially became a monk, devoting myself full time to spiritual growth.

As my focus in eastern practices intensified, I got into healing, studying Chinese medicine, oriental massage and acupressure. This intense period of focus and discipline had so many positive effects, including helping me to dissolve more layers of my childhood conditioning, learning how to consciously relax and have peace and a sense of satisfaction.

But in being so intense and rigid about my practice, I was also missing out on a lot, especially the worldly pleasures life has to offer. I was torn between my calling to be a full time spiritual warrior and my desires to chase girls and achieve worldly success.

So after my first trip to China I decided that before I moved permanently to China and became a real monk, I wanted to experience all the world had to offer. To bury myself in pleasure, sex and satisfy all my desires. So for a time, I swung in the total opposite direction, becoming a complete hedonist.

Even though I had been studying at the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of the art form I was obsessed with, I returned home wanting to get all of my worldly desires out of my system. I moved to Melbourne, started a funk bad, got into wild partying and drugs, eventually getting into seduction so I could get laid more.

Now I’ve always been someone of extremes,
wanting to test my limits and push the boundaries…

Once I started approaching women, I found that my progress was incredibly fast.

Within months I’d gone from zero cold approach experience, to being able to pick up hot women every time I went out.

Even though I was rapidly learning a lot about the mechanics and techniques of natural style seduction, the thing that made my progress accelerate so fast, was my background in meditation. All those hours practicing inner peace, had without realizing – taught me how to become very present, relaxed and in the moment when meeting women.

So after my first trip to China I decided that before I moved permanently to China and became a real monk, I wanted to experience all the world had to offer. To bury myself in pleasure, sex and satisfy all my desires. So for a time, I swung in the total opposite direction, becoming a complete hedonist.

Even though I had been studying at the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of the art form I was obsessed with, I returned home wanting to get all of my worldly desires out of my system. I moved to Melbourne, started a funk bad, got into wild partying and drugs, eventually getting into seduction so I could get laid more.

When I first started The Natural Lifestyles and began coaching men in the art of seduction, I was able to get some basic results through showing guys how to approach and flirt.
But it didn’t take long to realize that there were deeper issues at stake to do with worthiness, self esteem and being logical. Just like me before meditation, the average man was so stuck in his head that he couldn’t think of anything to say to the girls he was approaching!

Very quickly I saw that I needed to develop a way for these men to learn what I had learned from my years of devotion to meditation. A way for them to integrate these critical teachings without having to spend their days doing kung-fu and meditating, living the aesthetic lifestyle in a temple in China.

A method that could be integrated into all kinds of lifestyles, whether it’s a balanced lifestyle of work and play, or swinging between the two extremes.

A way to integrate the practice of meditation into real life.

The Marshall Meditation Method isn’t some run of the mill meditation course thrown together by a clever marketer, jumping on the Power of Now bandwagon. It’s also not a religious cult, there’s no bowing to the master or agreeing to give up your autonomy to blindly follow some vague esoteric teaching.

I’ve spent over 15 years researching and developing this system, that is specifically designed to be integrated into a life that includes working hard and making money, as well as getting laid and having fun.

I travelled to the ends of the earth, seeking out the best teachers and methods, along the way going down countless dead ends with convoluted systems that aren’t applicable to the modern world and getting ripped off by fraudulent teachers.

I’ve boiled down the techniques that are the simplest to learn and integrate into a normal day and which have the maximum positive effect. The Marshall Meditation Method, once learned can be implemented with as little as 20 minutes focused practice per day, along with doing 1 minute “Micro-Meditations” throughout your day.

Troughout this course you’ll learn:

A foundation core meditation to improve your awareness, the key principle I teach for dealing with approach anxiety. This allows you to be more relaxed and handle high pressure social situations.

The fundamentals of posture, counteracting the modern ‘computer hunchback’ helping you to minimize aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, back and knees whilst also being more sexy and confident when you stand and move.

My personal stretching routine learned from Shaolin monks that enables you to become more aware of your body, counteracting stiffness, quickly isolating where you’re holding stress and helping you to become body conscious so you can adjust the way you stand and move to release tension and stiffness.

Qi Gong: Ancient moving meditation to focus power, control your state and learn grace and fluidity of movement and expression.

Abdominal Breathing Techniques that empower you to turn nervous energy into effective power, key for controlling your emotional and arousal states when you’re feeling overwhelmed and developing a strong foundation for lasting forever in the bedroom and learning tantric sex.

Ancient Massage Practices easily used to energise your internal organs, de-stress and make you feel alert and relaxed.

Daily Routines that in just 20 minute blocks create massive personal change, plus the secrets of “Micro-Meditations” that give you the power to take a break from the chatter in your head, re-centre and relax many times a day.

You see, the problem with most meditation courses is that they aren’t applicable to everyday life. In the modern world most men don’t have time to spend hours and hours of their day meditating. Even though I’ve attended multiple Vipassana courses and stand by their methods, they suggest at least 2 hours of meditation a day, which simply isn’t realistic in today’s world.

Let’s say you’re a working professional or student working 40-50 hours a week. On top of that I’m sure you have fitness goals you’re working towards, not to mention wanting to approach girls and go on dates. Add in spending time with your friends and family, pursuing hobbies, and of course, sleeping. How on earth are you supposed to add 1-2 hours of meditation each day?

When I was designing the Marshall Meditation Method I made it a priority to create a course that was easily implemented into the busiest of lifestyles.
To focus on maximising the benefits of meditation with just 20 minutes of daily practice, plus brief Micro-Meditations throughout your day. All the while giving you tangible real life results in situations that are triggering your fear, anxiety and stress responses.

This includes:

* Wanting to talk to that gorgeous brunette standing by the bar
* Dealing with an overbearing boss who’s screaming down your neck
* Having to deliver a presentation that could make or break your career
* Dealing with new social situations where you really want to make a good impression

The tools you’ll be learning are field tested by myself and thousands of my students who’ve experienced life altering transformations. Instead of being stuck in their head, they were able to relax their minds and be more positive.

Their newfound relaxation meant they could begin communicating more effectively. Overcoming crippling social anxiety empowered them to handle intense social situations like approaching a girl on the street.

They learned to stop being so stressed and finally relax, enjoying the moment for what it is.

For years I’ve exclusively taught the Marshall Meditation Method as part of my live in-field workshops. But with all of the international travel, running a business and continuing to advance my own spirituality, I’m only able to coach 60-70 men a year.

While this has been fantastic for the few men who have the time and money to invest in my very expensive 7 and 10 day workshops, I’ve received countless requests from men around the world to teach them the types of meditation I’ve used on myself and my live students.

I could see that so many guys are hungry for the bigger picture of true personal change and not just the quick fix of trying to bang drunk chicks.

Since becoming an authority on dating and personal change I’ve come to see the worldwide epidemic of men out there are struggling with anxiety, stress and over analyzing, all the while getting lost on wild goose chases trying to fix it with no success.

There had to be something I could to do help more guys than I could ever hope to teach in person. 

So for the last 2 years I’ve been breaking down everything I’ve been teaching for the past 10+ years and put it together in a simple, easy to use format that would empower men to embark on the same transformation that began for me all those years ago in India.

Tools they could learn without having to spend thousands of dollars, sitting month long meditation retreats or traveling to Tibet to learn from wise old gurus.

The result…

This 6 Week Online course won’t just teach you how to develop a calm mind and internal awareness, but how to carry these sensations into your day and call upon them in stressful situations.

While this has been fantastic for the few men who have the time and money to invest in my very expensive 7 and 10 day workshops, I’ve received countless requests from men around the world to teach them the types of meditation I’ve used on myself and my live students.

I ran MMM online for the first time last year, with incredible results reported to me by the guys on the course.

This is a man’s man guide to meditation.

A linear, well thought-out program that cuts all of the new-age talk, giving you a simple to follow and easy to understand step-by-step practical techniques that help you to reduce your stress, manage your social anxiety and get out of your head.

Each week you’ll receive a new module to watch on our user friendly private membership site – which is optimized for mobiles and tablets to let you practice anywhere that you have an internet connection.

The module will contain an introduction to the exercises, along with a simple and practical video lesson just like attending a class in real life. You also get a video that you can run through in real time with me once you’ve learned the techniques. These course videos are released weekly, and once the course is over you have lifetime access to all of the material, so you can return and use the techniques over and over.

Not only that, but you’ll be granted access to my private Facebook group where you can join in on the discussion with like-minded guys, document your journey and ask me any questions you have about the course content. I will be online on this group every day for 6 weeks, being your personal mentor to help you through the learning and integration phases, troubleshooting any issues that come up and keeping you motivated and accountable so that you develop meditation into a powerful lifelong habit.

I’ve seen other online courses out there and watched guys download a dump of videos onto their hard drive, follow them for the first two days and forget about it a week later.
I’m personally making sure The Marshall Meditation Method is not one of those courses.

I will be with you throughout the process, serving as your mentor for the entire 6 weeks.
During the exclusive webinars (more on that in the bonus section), I’ll personally be holding you accountable for keeping up with the course content to make sure you’re implementing it into your life.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll be learning in the course week by week:

Awareness is the first and most profound step of learning meditation, without which you can never be in the present moment. It’s actually the first principle in the 5 Principles of Natural Seduction, the bedrock to my seduction teachings.

There is a lot of confusion about what being in “the now” or being present actually is. Can you always be in the present moment? Is it real, or just some illusion? Aren’t I always in the present anyway because I’m alive? Do I just need to remind myself mentally to be present? How does meditation actually help?

You don’t need to become a Buddhist Monk or spend decades meditating to experience the present moment. It is really about consciously redirecting your focus away from thoughts back into what is happening right now. In the simple yet powerful awareness tools you’ll learn in this module, you’ll be able to experience the relaxed flow of the ‘now’ as a real thing, not just a concept. By being in the present moment you can appreciate what’s really happening to you and not waste time worrying about the future or reliving the past.

So here’s what you’ll get out of the first week:

A core introduction that will explain exactly how to use the course.
You’ll know the exact steps you need to be taking every day of the course to get the most out of your meditations.

An explanation of what meditation REALLY is and why it’s important.
I cut through all of the myths and hype about meditation and explain how it works and why meditation should be a cornerstone of your daily life.

A simple, easy to follow meditation to get you into the present moment.
I’ll guide you through a practice that will raise your self-awareness, bringing you back to the present moment and out of your head.

The fundamentals of good posture.
Most men spend their days sitting in front of a computer and have terrible posture. I’ll show you how to naturally and intuitively adjust your posture to move with more grace and confidence.

Most men in the modern world sit in front of a computer all day at work. Instead of being on their feet and moving their body, they’re hunched over a keyboard, sometimes sitting for hours on end. You’re probably hunched over as you’re reading this right now!

Over time this adds up to chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Most clients I coach have stiffness well beyond their years and limited flexibility.

To make things worse, it also means the whole sexual center is locked up. If you’re stiff in the hips, you’ll look funny when you walk, have no groove on the dance floor and will likely be terrible in bed.

In Week 2 we’ll cover:

The principles of body awareness,
helping you to identify where you’re holding tension and stiffness.

A simple and fast stretching routine,
suitable for any fitness level, designed to stretch you from head to toe in just 7 minutes even if you haven’t hit the gym in months!

Key Exercises to help you alleviate chronic pain in the neck, back and shoulders, regions linked to rigid and stiff movement.

The ‘Swimming Dragon Rolling the Ball’ moving meditation.
This is my all time favorite technique that helps to loosen your hips, massage your joints and get you into a relaxed graceful physical trance.

A lot of the anxiety and stress you’re experiencing is a result of your fight or flight reflexes being constantly triggered, throwing your emotional state completely out of balance.

Whilst awareness meditation is all about observing your experience and allowing them to be what they are without reacting, Abdominal Breathing meditation teaches you to turn nervousness into concentrated power.

Instead of being a victim to your emotional state, getting caught up by the wave of feelings, you’ll instead be able to have control over your emotions as well as honing your focus and power into a tangible force that allows you to communicate far more directly.

Week 3 is all about:

Mastering Abdominal Breathing,
a powerful practice that allows you to create internal power and focus, slowing your heart rate as you turn nervous energy into stable power.

Building on the foundations of Awareness Meditation,
using your newfound awareness to hone in on your breath and have conscious control over your emotions and physical responses

Developing a core understanding of sexual control,
improving your sexual stamina, capacity to control your arousal state and laying the groundwork for Tantric Sex practices. This is THE technique that I’ve used to go from a 3 minute man to literally starring in porn and being able to last indefinitely.

“Do-In”, is an ancient form of Japanese self-massage. Doing this practice daily will help to activate the body’s organ systems and get your blood flowing, especially effective to help you wake up in the morning.

Not only is self-massage an ideal way to relax yourself and get you more in touch with your body, it will also build your awareness on how to relax others through touch. It’s much easier to massage a woman if you have a deeper understanding of the subtleties of touch and making someone feel good.

Over the course of Week 4 you’ll learn:

An introduction to Do-In Self Massage that covers the key points of this ancient yet powerful process

A simple 10-minute routine designed to activate your body by progressing through a series of acupressure points

In our 5th week we’ll be solidifying your meditation training through learning the advanced art of Qi – Gong (energy cultivation), a moving meditation similar to Tai Chi.

This practice involves aligning the breath, mental focus and body in movement to develop a deep calm and feeling of embodiment.

Week 5 will uncover:

The ‘Lifting The Small Pillar of Heaven’ meditation,
a simple but powerful Qi-Gong exercise from the Shaolin Temple that aligns your mental, emotional, physical and breathing states into one harmonious movement.

Techniques to embody your breath, allowing you to much more easily contain, control and adjust your breathing and therefore your emotional state.

When I was first creating this course I wanted to make sure it was applicable to daily life. After all, not everyone can sit around meditating for hours on end.

For the final week I’ve created a series of daily routines that combine the various elements of the previous weeks.

In Week 6 we’ll:

Consolidate the previous 5 weeks of training, teaching you how to bring each practice together and implement them into your daily life

Reveal two 20 minute routines that mean you don’t have to meditate for 2 hours a day but instead maximise the benefits of meditation in a fraction of the time.

Learn the Morning Routine designed to prepare you for the day through invigorating your senses, heightening your mental clarity and focus as you stretch your body.

Learn the Evening Routine that is perfect for winding down from the day, settling your mind, relaxing your body and processing the day’s stress so you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Learn “Micro-Meditations” to check in on your awareness and presence throughout the day in as little as 10 seconds.

After 2 years of working on building this course I had to ask myself, can I really put a price on 15+ years of meditation research? It’s taken years of my life and many thousands of dollars to track down the best techniques.

Not to mention the fact that my private coaching fee is now $5,000 USD a day. But I understand that not everyone has thousands of dollars to come and train with me on one of my workshops.

Looking back I recall many times I’ve reached dead ends in my journey, from a supposed Yogi in India who tried to charge me hundreds of dollars for some basic stretches. I’m saving you the frustrations of investing time and money in teachers who don’t know what they’re doing, or worse still have full knowledge of the fact they’re ripping students off.

I realize that not everyone has the chance to travel the world to learn from wise meditation masters or train at the Shaolin Temple in China…

So today I’m offering you the exclusive opportunity to learn the same Meditation Method that students are flying to international cities and paying thousands of dollars to learn from me in person.

Whilst it’s an online course, I’m still going to be holding you accountable to the practice, ensuring you have the mentorship you need to experience the same transformation my students do on live programs.

Before I tell you all about the pricing, I need to tell you about an incredible package of bonuses that I’m throwing in for free for a very limited time.

I’ve decided to make the launch absolutely incredible value and have put a huge amount of work into building a collection of supplementary bonus modules to the course to really advance your understanding of meditation, seduction and personal change to amazing new levels.

They are:

BONUS 1: The Meditation Mastermind Interviews

Throughout the Marshall Meditation Method you’ll be learning the unique Meditation practices and routines that I’ve integrated into my daily life. But I’ve also sought out exceptional men from my inner-circle who have embarked on their own personal journeys, integrating meditation into their lifestyles in unique ways.

In these exclusive video interviews you’ll hear from:

Andrew, internation master-seducer and creator of the incredible "Travelbum" show. Andrew's personal twist on meditation involves seducing women through dissolving personal distance, effectively ‘seducing himself’.

Tony Solo, one of the hardest working men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, who makes daily use of meditation to stay motivated and disciplined on his spiritual path.

Shae Matthews, The Natural Lifestyle’s ‘Inner Game wizard’ who sat down with me to discuss the importance of meditation in developing confidence and self-esteem.

John Keegan, my long time friend and dating coach who integrates meditation with improvisation, seamlessly able to pull conversation out of thin air and never run out of things to say.

Eric Von Sydow, also known as ‘Hypnotica’, who shares with me his deep insights on meditation and masculine sexuality.

These never before seen interviews are over 5 hours in total and are a complete product in themselves, valued at $597. Today they are FREE for you when you sign up to MMM.

It’s only possible to work with these coaches and myself in high level workshops that cost thousands of dollars, making this information available to only a small group of the population. My marketing guy told me these interviews were essentially a product in themselves, worth at least $497 and that they were too valuable to give away. Today they are FREE for you when you sign up to MMM.

BONUS 2: Sexual Mastery Meditation

Integrating meditation with sexuality is a truly advanced practice, and I felt including them in the main course would be a distraction for most guys. These are techniques you should only be moving onto after mastering the foundations of the Marshall Meditation Method, but I knew guys would be begging me to help them tackle the depths of sexual mastery and so I recorded an in depth video to show you how.

In this bonus video I’ll be sharing with you the secrets to integrating what you’ve learned in this course into your sex life. From slowing down your arousal state to lasting longer in bed, to how to start doing couples meditations to deeply improve pleasure and intimacy. These secrets are the keys to becoming a god in the bedroom.

These advanced techniques are very difficult to find and are the result of years of research and “hands on” experimentation with countless women. This bonus is worth at least $497 but is available FREE to you today.

BONUS 3: Inner Game Meditation Audios

I’ve asked Shae to put together some exclusive meditation audios for this course that are designed to assist you in a variety of ways, from manifesting your desires to improving your sleep.

Shae Matthews is the head Inner Game coach for The Natural Lifestyles who has worked alongside me teaching our workshops for nearly 10 years. He’s helped countless men to delve deep into their psyche and identify thoughts and emotions that are getting in their way of seductive and life success.

Shae typically charges $97 for these meditations but today I’m including them for free.

BONUS 4: Two Q&A Webinars

Over the course of the 6 Weeks I’ll be personally hosting 2 ninety-minute Live Q&A webinars that will not only give you the opportunity to ask questions about the course, but also ask those seduction questions you’ve been dying to ask me ever since you discovered me on YouTube.

These days I’m too busy to do phone coaching but when I used to do it I was charging $450 an hour, and only offering it to my past students. So having this kind of access to me is a rare opportunity worth $997, and today the webinars are included for free with the Marshall Meditation Method Course.

BONUS 5: Access to the exclusive ‘Marshall Meditation Method’ Facebook Group

A core component of this online course is being able to share the journey with other men who are on a similar path to you and are beginning to integrate meditation into their lives. This is why I’ve created an invite-only facebook group that is exclusive to students of the Marshall Meditation Method online course.

This is a community where you can share your triumphs and struggles with your fellow students. Not only will they be joining in on the discussion, but I’ll be checking the group every day to answer questions and give feedback. Think of it as having me as your personal mentor there to keep you on track and hold you accountable. We have a similar group open only to alumni of TNL workshops who are paying thousands of dollars to be part of a mastermind of this calibre…but you’re getting it for free.

Once the official course is over, this group will stay open to be continuing support network for you as you continue on your inner transformational journey. Having access to daily feedback from me and access to such a powerhouse brotherhood is priceless and today I’m offering you the opportunity to join the group for free.

For the relaunch of MMM I’ve decided to add in 4 brand new bonuses, which add more advanced levels of moving meditation exercises, as well webinar recordings and an exclusive interview with my Kung-Fu master.

2.0 BONUS I: Advanced Qi Gong Exercises

Building on the Qi Gong exercises from version 1, I’ve added in 2 more moving meditation exercises from Shaolin temple, to further your understanding of combining fluid movement, focus and breathe, to allow you to operate from a calm and balanced position.

2.0 BONUS II: Advanced Swimming Dragon Exercises

Continuing to develop the “Swimming Dragon” meditative martial art, I’ve added 2 new exercises, building on spinal and hip flexibility & fluid motion across multiple axis.

New exercises valued at $297, available with MMM 2.0 edition for free.

2.0 BONUS III: Recorded webinars from MMM 1.0

As part of the rerelease you’ll receive 2 recordings of 90 minute Q&A webinars from the first course where you’ll get dozens of in depth answers from James on students topics around meditation and seduction.

That’s $197 value for free.

2.0 BONUS IV: In-depth Interview with my Kung-Fu master

On a recent training trip to China I sat down with my Kung Fu master An Jian Qiu to interview him about his incredible art form.

We go into depth about his strategies for self discipline and internal mastery, principle based learning and the art of being a spiritual warrior.

$97 worth of value thrown in for free.

That’s over $2,000 worth of exclusive bonuses available to you for FREE when you sign up for Marshall Meditation Method today.

The full course and 5 incredible bonuses are only available for the next few days. On the 23rd of September the course applications close and your chance to join this real time life changing course will be gone.

So how much does the Marshall Meditation Method Online Course cost?

In this course you’re literally getting the foundational Meditation training that I teach on every single one of my live programs.

And if you want to attend a workshop with me it’s going to cost you at least $10.000 USD.

Adding in the extra value of the bonuses you’re looking at well over $12.500 USD.

Not to mention the years of time you’re saving by learning these techniques from me instead of attending month long meditation retreats and trekking across mountains in India to learn from reclusive masters.

And that’s if you manage to find the right teachers and courses. I’ve lost track of how many dead ends I’ve reached on my path on account of teachers who really had no idea what they were talking about, along with time spent learning techniques that were ineffective or a complete waste of time.

Just consider for a moment how developing
your meditation skills will improve your life.

Instead of spending your day constantly being stressed out and being stuck in your head, you can experience a permanent internal shift and bring more relaxation and ease into your world.

If you’re crippled by anxiety or negative thoughts, this is a simple yet effective way for you to learn how to shift your thoughts and emotions. I’ve taught these techniques to hundreds of men, who have experienced radical shifts in their mindsets, self esteem and communication abilities.

Taking men who have suffered anxiety attacks, men who have been popping anti-depressants for years, been medically diagnosed with social disorders, and even hospitalized for stress…to walking through the world with calm, smooth clarity and purpose.

Even if you only have mild anxiety, sometimes let stress and over thinking get the better of you, or you’ve just always wanted to learn meditation, this is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on a journey that will create profound changes in you for years to come.

The Marshall Meditation Method online course is only available for a few short days, and if I ever decide to release it again the price is guaranteed to increase. I’ll be taking down this page on the 23rd of September so I can prepare to teach the live aspects of the course and devote my time to the guys who have signed up.

Before I get to pricing, keep in mind:

It took me over 15 years of travelling the world, studying under different teachers, and then integrating what I learned into my own meditative practices to be able to create this simple method.

On top of that, I expanded my search into learning massage, Chinese medicine, shamanism and even tantric sexuality to create a truly unique approach.

The journey wasn’t easy, and there was a lot of trial and error involved. Even once I had established a system that truly worked for me, I needed to then spend countless hours teaching it to my students and fine tuning the process to make sure any guy could absorb it quickly.

I’m handing you the tools that you need to reduce your stress, to retake control over your emotional state, to resolve social anxiety and start moving through the world with positivity and flow.

The keys to unlocking your mind, finally getting out of your head and being able to experience the wonders that life has to offer when you’re not obsessively thinking are here for the taking.

To once and for all get a handle on your anxiety so you’re not constantly caving under social pressure, instead calmly communicating from a place of self acceptance.

Remember, this isn’t some ‘magic-pill’ from a ‘guru’ that’s going to instantly make your problems disappear, completely ridding you of anxiety and opening the gateway to ‘enlightenment’ and ‘eternal bliss’.

It’s a daily practice that requires you to commit to the process and make a determined effort to use these techniques for your lifetime happiness. MMM is a way for you to finally have influence over your thoughts, feelings and how you experience the world instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances.

What if if you could be a man who confidently walks through the world with a calm mind, not constantly being stressed or over thinking situations? A man who has the tools to deal with high pressure social interactions, without having to get drunk to talk to that hot girl at the bar or suck up to his demanding boss?

Becoming that man is achievable by taking advantage of the opportunity you have before you.

If I had this course back when I was that angry, bitter 19 year old making his way through India, I can assure you my journey would have been so much easier. Today you have the opportunity to take advantage of all my years of research to fast track your personal growth.

If you’re a man who can see opportunity when it knocks and have always wanted to learn a meditation method that will give you real world results and that will keep revealing benefits over your lifetime this is your chance.

Today, you won’t need to pay the 5 figure sums our students pay for live coaching programs.

Not even half of that.

To enroll in the Marshall Meditation Method online course, gaining lifetime access to the 6 weeks of content plus the 9 amazing bonuses....

all for only $497 USD

All prices in USD


Lifetime Membership

MMM 2.0 – Full Course with 6 Modules

5 Amazing Bonuses

Exclusive Access to the Facebook Group

Access to Webinar Recordings

Brand new Bonuses of 2018 Version!

And it's completely risk FREE!

According to our Terms & Conditions

However, you need to take action before it’s too late.

This exclusive offer along with the bonuses is only available for the next 7 days only!

Afterwards I’ll be closing the doors and taking the Marshall Meditation Method off the market, along with the added bonuses. This is a course that takes place in real time, not a set of videos you dump onto your hard drive.

So that I can be present for the full course and mentor you through the process I can only offer membership for a limited time.

If you’re still undecided I urge you to take action now. If you put it off and come back in a month, it will be too late, the course intake with be closed.

The Marshall Meditation Method is the summation of my 15+ years of meditation experience and training, built into a 6 week course to help you break away from stress, anxiety and overthinking.

The Marshall Meditation Method is the summation of my 15+ years of meditation experience and training, built into a 6 week course to help you break away from stress, anxiety and overthinking.

James Marshall

P.S. Right now, you have the opportunity to change your life forever. I’ve been in this industry of coaching men for nearly 10 years and I’ve got extensive first hand experience watching men procrastinate and miss out on opportunities. I’ve seen the mindsets and habits that lead to success and the ones that lead to stagnation and settling for a mediocre life.

Being stuck in your head all of the time, being nervous, being stressed…these aren’t things that are going to go away by themselves. It’s not something you can ignore. You’re going to have to deal with these feelings each time you go to sleep at night.

They’re going to be there when you’re at work, around your friends, or trying to meet girls. Going on beach side holidays to try and decompress, or numbing yourself with alcohol, drugs, porn or video games offer only temporary distraction from underlying issues.

Learning meditation however gives you a vital proactive tool in dealing with the inner game side of seduction, generating the internal changes you need to match the external skills you’re learning as a seducer. This isn’t some optional addition like learning dance floor game, it’s a vital piece of the puzzle

I’ve seen countless men get into seduction, trying to improve their confidence and skills. They initially take some action, go out and try to approach, banging their head against the wall maybe making some progress but without this key piece usually eventually everything falls apart.

They’re always one failed approach or one terrible date away from giving up completely and never finding the motivation to get back out there. 

But it’s bigger than just being able to approach a woman on the street. What if you want to start your own business? Or ask for a raise? Or have a confrontation with someone that’s disrespecting you? Where will you find the confidence to make those huge steps in your life? Break up with a girl that you care about but who is toxic?

Today, is about taking responsibility for this part of your life. To own the fact that you’re sick of feeling terrible, sick of missing opportunities and sick of being tormented by your own thoughts. To decide that you want to start being positive about your life, to feel confident as a man, and to fearlessly live the life you want.

Of course, I’ve seen plenty of men who think they can do this on their own.

There’s enough information out there on the internet for you to figure this out eventually, if you can sift through all of the new-age marketing hype and hippy talk. Having been through the journey myself, I can tell you that it’s not going to be easy. I’ve literally travelled all around the planet to learn from almost impossible to access teachers and figure out how to integrate meditation into my life. Not to mention all of the dead ends I’ve gone down, spending thousands to work with teachers who had no idea what they were talking about or learning techniques that proved to be useless.

Why waste all of that effort and enormous amounts of time when you can speed up the process and start seeing results now? I’ve done the grunt work, take advantage of it.

Maybe you’ll try to work it out on your own over the next couple of months, and sooner or later you’ll try to find this page again to see if you can join this course. But by then it will be too late.

The opportunity will be long gone, along with the chance of transforming and changing your life.

Don’t let that be you.

Join me and an elite brotherhood as we unravel the mysteries of our minds and use the amazing techniques in the course to evolve into our true potential selves.

Click on button below, choose your preferred payment option and I’ll see you inside the Marshall Meditation Method.

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