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What if you could learn a skill that hardly anyone knows about, but gives you a permanent, lasting change in your results with women?

A skill that you can carry with you anywhere, anytime, and it’ll give you a golden ticket to touching and seducing women you share time with.

The fact is, there’s a ton of products out there, bloated with marketing promising magic bullet solutions… that if you just do this “one thing”, you’ll get all the women you want wrapped around your little finger.

Through 15 years of experience exploring personal development, seduction and spirituality, I can safely tell you that while quick fixes sound good, the real shortcut is to do the work to develop your skills.

Today, we’ve got a new program available for you, if you’re ready to take your seduction, sensuality and sex live to the next level.

If you buy and apply this program, I’m not going to guarantee that it will automatically open the legs of any woman you meet.

But I will guarantee this:

The skills you will learn will relax, arouse and let you smoothly lead and seduce women who are open to you

What’s this skill?

What’s this skill?

Here’s why massage is a powerful tool for any guy at any stage of their romantic and seductive development:

• Massage teaches you how to become aware of your touch and sensuality with a woman

• You’ll know how to please and explore a woman’s body by leading her into seductive thoughts and feelings with your touch

• With massage, you can co-create a sensual adventure with her

• When you can deliver an incredibly sensual massage, you’ll be confident and fearless when it comes to touching women

It’s the difference between a pleasant interaction and giving her an experience she won’t forget anytime soon

If you wanted to learn this stuff the way I did, you’d have to go for a massage course, spend thousands of dollars and spend weeks, if not months on boring extra studies… and then you’d have to figure out how to translate it into seduction through trial and error.

You don’t have to do that.

Through my years of study and practice as a massage therapist and lover interested in tantra, sensual adventures and seduction, I’ve refined, developed and taught programs on sensual massage skills to small groups of select men, with TNL founder James Marshall to those interested in becoming a man that woman remember for a lifetime.

So this program is the sum total of what me and James Marshall have developed over the years together, to give you a set of skills and massage routines specifically for seduction.


"Sensual Massage Mastery"

It’s a HD video product comprising 6 modules to teach you everything about sensual massage.

From the theory behind how to make your touch electrifying yet sensual to the actual techniques of massage, you’re given everything you need to know to give her an experience she won’t forget… demonstrated with a roleplay model to show you exactly how it looks like in real life.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the 6 core modules:

First is the orientation:

In the product orientation, you’ll be given the overview of the whole product.

You’ll discover the gold of 15 years of experience in the massage industry, with all the fluff cut away to give you the key principles of how to give a great massage.

You’ll see that a good massage isn’t just “one special touch” or “magic technique”- it’s a combination of factors, and you’ll be shown exactly how to do it.

Module 1: Introduction to bedroom massage

In this module, you’ll be shown:

• How to set the scene of a seductive massage so that the woman is already relaxed and open to being touched

The “Lover’s Touch”– the exercise to give you a sensual and seductive attitude that lets you become more intimate with her body. When you use this exercise, you’ll literally start to FEEL the spark of physical connection through touch.

Tantric secrets of “Elemental Touches” that allow you to trigger different reactions and emotions in the woman you’re touching.

Module 2: Getting started

In this module, you’ll see:

• The positions to use when you’re on a bed with your partner to deliver effective, arousing massage.

• How to escalate from casual clothed strokes into more intimate positions to start simmering the sensual tension between you and your partner

• How to start from a fully clothed massage and quickly transition into skin to skin

This module is about teaching you the keys to building comfort and relaxing your partner when you start a massage. From there, you’ll be able to relax yet arouse her with your touch, rapidly moving from a clothed massage onto a skin on skin massage.

Module 3: Back massage techniques and routine

In this module, you’ll be shown:

• 3 key techniques to effective massage: Effleurage, kneading and pressure.

• How to apply the 3 techniques in sexy and fun ways to have her anticipating your touch

• How to transition from a simple massage into a tantric massage position to start pumping up the sensuality of the massage

Module 4: Massaging arms, hands, legs and feet

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module:

• Multiple ways to introduce massage when a girl’s back at your place to relax the both of you together

• How to relax the tension in her arms, shoulders and hands and feet

This module will show you what to do to have her comfortable with your touch, as the both of you create an experience you won’t forget for a long time to come.

This module will show you what to do to have her comfortable with your touch, as the both of you create an experience you won’t forget for a long time to come.

Module 5: Facial Massage

Do you want to blow a girl’s mind?

Give her a facial massage.

What woman is going to expect that?

Performing an effective facial massage is the instant wildcard surprise that is sure to make her feel amazing and intimately connected to you. You can use facial massage to get her to relax in a way she probably hasn’t before.

When you pull out some massage power moves that most people will rarely experience from a professional massage table, let alone a date… she’s sure to be impressed.

Not only that, but through this massage routine, you’ll have a great way to show her your affection and relax her.

There’s no doubt that she will remember that experience, and tell her friends about how you’re the unique guy that stood out from all the rest.

Module 6: Putting it all together

This module is the entire demonstration of the sensual massage routine for you to see how all the lessons, techniques and principles fit together to give a woman something she’ll never forget.

You’ll be shown how to seamlessly transition from normal massage into sensual massage, and you’ll be able to start using sensual massage as a tool in your seductive skillset.

Imagine what it’s like to know you can take women on amazing sensual journeys with your hands and presence alone.

By now, you probably have some ideas on how Sensual Massage can be a massive key to you being able to connect and seduce women with confidence and ease.

You’re probably wondering, “How much is learning this life changing skill going to cost?”

But before I tell you that…

Let me tell you what it’s

NOT going to cost you!

To learn this skill, you won’t have to fly to wherever me or James Marshall are to learn this stuff live in one of our private coaching programs that cost thousands of dollars.

You won’t have to sign up for a course on massage and spend days, weeks, even months learning things that you don’t need if you just want to have an amazing, seductive touch women love.

While you might learn some valuable techniques in a massage course, they most likely won’t teach you the keys to becoming a seductive romantic adventurer like I’ve laid out in “Sensual Massage Mastery”

And because it’s all presented to you in a step-by-step, easy to learn manner, you won’t have to spend a decade like me and James Marshall did filtering through tantra, massage and seduction to figure out what works by yourself.

Now, I’ll get to the price of Sensual Massage Mastery in just a bit, but before that, there’s something you need to know:

As part of the sensual massage product, available only to personally invited clients and fans, I’m offering:

5 free bonuses to transform you into a truly seductive man.


integrate sensual massage into your dates and interactions with women

A bonus module on how to integrate sensual massage into your dates and interactions with women. You’ll be shown simple steps to introducing massage with a girl on a date, and how to escalate that into the bedroom.

You’ll also be given a list of key accessories to ramp up the sensuality of your massages, and learn exactly what NOT to do when you’re massaging a girl so she doesn’t feel intimidated, hurt, abused or creeped out in the process


Alternative massage routines

This bonus will show you how to be the champion lover, and not the creepy sleaze.

You’ll also be given a complete extra set of videos of alternative massage routines.

I only normally give this out as part of my live massage workshops, but when you sign up today, you have full access to these routines.

In this series, you’ll be given another complete set of professional massage routines you can use at a table, when a girl is seated, even on a mat or on the floor.

With this bonus, you’ll have massage routines that you can use in practically any social situation.

You can start sharing an arousing and flirty time with a girl, at a coffee table, in a park, at a pool or even on the street without needing to pull and any risky overtly sexual touch escalation that might get you “blown out” instead your showing her how to relax, feel good and enjoy your touch.

This bonus module alone is worth as much as the core product itself.


A comprehensive 64-page PDF manual for everything taught in Sensual Massage Mastery.

This PDF compresses everything in the course into a simple, digestible format that takes the years of my experience and knowledge on sensual massage into an easy reference guide. And if these 3 bonuses aren’t enough…


James Marshall’s “Touch Escalation Online Workshop”

This private online workshop was for just a handful of guys that paid $95 to attend…

But I’ve managed to convince James to give away this private, black-book seduction material as it links incredibly well with what you’re going to learn in “Sensual Massage Mastery”

This is the content James only teaches on exclusive live programs, but you get that for free.


Recording of private Q&A webinar with Shae Matthews and James Marshall

This online workshop will be held in a few weeks form now, and it’s for anyone who purchases the product today.

In the 2 hours, me and James will answer any questions you have on seduction, sensual massage and being a romantic adventurer.

If you were to get private 1 on 1 coaching with me or James, it would normally cost you $300 USD for an hour with James, and just as much for a session with me.

So you’re getting an hour’s worth of time with the both of us, FREE when you purchase Sensual Massage Mastery today.

So how much does
“Sensual Massage Secrets” cost?

“Sensual Massage Secrets” could easily be a $500 product.

That’s already a big discount compared to coming for an in-depth live workshop on sensual massage, and a fraction of what a live TNL coaching program costs.

The stuff I reveal in this product has changed my life, and I want it to change your life as well.

And that’s why I’d much rather have a lower price where more men can access the product to experience the benefits of mastering sensual massage.

So when you order Sensual Massage Mastery today, you’re not going to pay $500… and not even $300.

Along with your 4 amazing free bonuses, you can get Sensual Massage Mastery today for just $197

Not only that, but your purchase comes with a personal guarantee.

I’m sure you can see that this product is an amazing value for any man who wants to become a desirable man that women lust after.

However, I know that it might be a risk for you to take your credit card out for this product, as with any other purchase.

Because I want you to feel absolutely certain that this is a good choice that’s in your favour…

You have a full 30-day

money back guarantee.

According to our Terms & Conditions

If you’re interested in becoming a man with the skills to have a woman remember him for a lifetime, click the button below and I’ll see you inside “Sensual Massage Secrets”.


Shae Matthews

P.S. Right now you have the opportunity to master a skill that will revolutionize the way you interact and connect with women. With the skill of sensual massage, you truly have something that every woman you seduce will remember as unique, special and incredibly rare.

While other men are afraid of touching and physically connecting with a woman, your touch will be pleasuring, arousing and relaxing.

What’s more, think about how this will translate when you go out and meet women. How good will you feel knowing you have this amazing gift to share and explore with women who are interested in you?

If you’re suffering from anxiety when it comes to meeting women, would you be afraid any more if you knew your touch would give her immense pleasure?

What if you knew that when it comes to the bedroom, you have the skills to be a great lover?

I’m not promising a magic pill that will “flip the switch” and change everything.

But if you go through the course, practice the skill and develop it to a decent level, you’ll become one of the rare few men who ‘has the ability to bring women on sensual, seductive adventures with ease.

Click the button below, and I look forward to see you inside Sensual Massage Mastery.

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