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How To Sound Cool Without Worrying What To Say

What's up guys? It´s Alex here.

Real quick, today I have a simple question for you…

“Do you ever see a very attractive girl walking past you in the street, but freeze completely at the idea of talking to her?”

If you’re anything like me when I was starting out with approaching, it’s probably a daily occurrence.

You certainly know what it feels like but do you know why this happens to you?

Often dating coaches have tried to explain “approach anxiety” as something connected to fear of rejection from the tribe, a response hardwired into us since ancient times. Other more spiritual kinds of gurus see it as a result of complex behaviour patterns formed in response to early childhood traumas. Some say it’s self-worth issues, others claim it’s society’s conditioning, some say the MeToo movement, etc...(you get the idea)

In my experience, the reason why you don’t go chat with beautiful girls on the street is much simpler.

You just don’t know what to talk about and you don't want to feel awkward in front of a total stranger. Fair enough. The great news is that with the right tools you can completely reverse this pattern in your life.


How To Flirt - Masterclass with Alex León

The Path Out Of Loneliness

I want you to imagine the following scenario for one second…

You are walking in the shopping district on a crowded street in a big city on a very hot afternoon, and people are out enjoying the good weather. You can breathe life in the air, feel it on your skin, vibrant, almost electric, and you feel genuinely great about yourself.

All of a sudden you see her, your dream girl, hurrying towards you.

Your senses ignite. Time slows down.

She quickly turns in your direction, catching you looking at her and shyly looks away, walking past you.

You feel a burning sensation in your gut pushing you to run after her and tell her that she caught your attention and you just had to say hello. So you risk it, you go all in and express your interest to her. And for the first time in your life, you know exactly what to say… Words flow out of your mouth in the most spontaneous way and the two of you get to know each other and connect with one another more in 10 minutes than most people do in ten months. Then you agree to grab a coffee in the following days, she gives you her number and hugs you before saying goodbye.

Sounds like a dream come true?

Believe it or not, this is how a large percentage of my conversations on the street go nowadays. Even the very best get rejected, that’s always going to be the case, but for me, that roll of the dice pays off more than enough to keep bringing sexy sweet women into my life.

But it didn’t use to be like that…

In fact, I used to memorize lines and structures of other successful people and so-called gurus, hoping they would get me their same results. But it always came out sounding a bit weird and the girls could smell that I was trying to act like somebody I was not.

Until one day I decided to try the opposite way…

After learning James Marshall’s principle-based method, completely dropping the script, I saw my results skyrocket.

And here’s the exact formula I teach my students so you can do it too…

Next time you meet a girl just focus on 2 things:


1 - Getting to know her with genuine interest and asking only what you’re really curious about. Try to understand what drives her as a person.

2 - Allow her a small chance to get to know you as well.


Don’t try to impress her with your coolest achievements but focus on talking about what really makes you excited and passionate.

That’s it. Crazy right?

The connection that you create with a girl is much more about your individual energies and the entire vibe rather than what you specifically say or do. With this in mind, check out my infield videos and try to see if you can spot my 2-step formula in action. If you want to master the art of having interesting conversations, seducing girls in the street and overall improving your entire lifestyle in less than a week being personally coached by me and the TNL crew then you should join one of our 4-day intensive workshops.



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