Approach Anxiety Made Simple

Does your positivity and confidence stays with you once you see the girl you want to talk to?

Seeing The Cycle

What do you do to get into a positive state to approach? Do you motivate yourself by thinking things like “I can do this” or “I want to feel good?”.

Even though you have good intentions, I’m sure that this positivity doesn’t stick around once you see the girl you want to talk to.

You probably start getting thoughts like “she’s not going to like me” or “i don’t know what to say”. Then your throats start to tighten, your chest contracts and you label this reaction by saying I’m anxious.

The cycle goes around and around as you continue to see women you want to approach, feel the contraction and eventually give up, feeling like you’re trapped in this cycle of ‘approach anxiety’.

If that sounds like you, I’ve got a simple inner game hack that can help you overcome approach anxiety and start feeling good about approaching women.


So how do you stop feeling anxious? You simply find how you run the patterns of contraction and reverse them by doing the opposite. As soon as you feel that contraction, ask yourself:

“What would it be like to experience the opposite?

“What would it be like if i could start to feel like I do when I’m happy, or relaxed, or really calm?”.

Start moving the energy around your body in a way that opens your throat, your heart, cycling it back through the source over and over. It can help to visualize a colour during this process, associating it with the positivity you’re creating.

I guarantee you, if you do that for a few minutes, you’re going to start to feel fantastic, and it’s going to start to reprogram your brain, your emotions, so that you don’t feel those negative contractions of anxiety and fear anymore, and instead start to feel energy, excitement, spontaneity and possibility, or at the very least just neutrality and relaxation.

Deepening The Practice

One of the essentials of being able to tune into your body and energy is knowing how to meditate.

In today’s world we’re taught to pay the most attention to our thoughts. What we think becomes who we are and in essence, the true way to experience the world.

But this tunnel vision blocks out all of the incredible things happening in your body and heart that you can access to dramatically shift your day to day experience of the world.

If meditation is something you’ve never tried before or a point of frustration, you need to get your hands on the Marshall Meditation Method. Instead of having to mess about with clunky apps or endure weird quasi-religious chanting, we’ve broken the process down into a simple and easily approachable man’s man guide to meditation. If you’d like to learn more be sure to click here.

Approach anxiety can absolutely cripple you, but only if you let it. Remember that you’re in the driver’s seat, and so the way that you perceive your anxiety and how you choose to deal with it are in your hands.

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