How To Survive Beginner’s Hell

There’s a piece of truth few coaches talk about…

To become good at seduction you must accept that often, especially in your early years, it will be a very chaotic process.

What do I mean by that?

Many of our clients come from very analytical and mathematical backgrounds in which the most successful approach is the most logical and carefully planned out one. Things don’t work like that with women. When they begin one of our intensive workshops often guys can be overwhelmed with coming to terms with the randomness, paradox and imperfection of meeting and interacting with women in real life. It’s our job as coaches to hold a flexible framework for learning to allow our clients to learn to embrace and eventually surf the chaos. It does have a logic to it, but it’s more organic than mathematical, let’s put it that way.

That doesn’t mean that by working with us you won’t develop a large degree of control over the results that you can achieve, in fact, your seduction abilities will evolve beyond any expectations you might have. But the first step to getting there is to completely surrender to the fact that when we’re dealing with other human beings we can only exercise our influence over them to a certain extent. For example, you might go and talk to the same girl on two different days and get a very different response on each day because she’s in a bad mood, or a hurry or any other number of factors..

Same approach. Same girl. Opposite outcomes.

Or you might enjoy a great interaction, make her smile and giggle and take her number, but get completely ignored over text. Little did you realize that the pleasant polite chat you delivered didn’t arouse her desire for sexy chaos and adventure and so you slipped down the list of suitors. In this initial confusing phase of the seduction journey, many men get discouraged and quit, usually rationalizing why and making excuses for not learning how to master the chaos.

Under the right guidance, however, this “beginner's hell” can actually be a lot of fun. Instead of banging your head against a wall, you can learn to see that with every single failure comes many learning opportunities that will get you closer to your goals. Unfortunately, a lot of men will never get past the beginner stage. Figuring out how to do it by yourself is possible.

If you have the time to go out every single day and the willpower to approach women for hours, you might end up making it. However, if you’re looking for an accelerated experience that will teach you in 7 days what you might be able to learn by yourself in the next 7 years, book a free consultation call with us. One of our coaches will get in touch with you and assist you to develop a personalized curriculum program to help you achieve your dream lifestyle and break free from any plateaus you might be experiencing at the moment.



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