Why Being Anxious Is Costing You Sex

It’s often the sole thing that will make or break your attractiveness to women.

Withstanding Social Tension

Anxiety. The death knell of every man who wants to get better with women. No matter how badly you want this, no matter how many hours of research you do, or videos you watch, it’s often the sole thing that will make or break your attractiveness to women.

You might think I’m just talking about approach anxiety here, but this goes so much deeper than whether or not you can approach. Most guys think that if they get over their approach anxiety they’ll have no problem seducing women.

Yet in my experience of coaching guys for over 6 years, even the ones who can approach fail miserably when it comes to withstanding the social tension that comes up during their interactions.

Don’t believe me?

At first we have where most guys fall on the spectrum. You’ll see me constantly interrupting the woman, never letting her finish a sentence, and overwhelming her with questions and nonsense.

These guys think that talking gets women. That by somehow coming up with a bunch of interesting questions or witty banter will convince her that he’s going to be amazing in bed.

I hope you see where I’m going with this.


The Principles of Verbal Seduction

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Facts and Figures

The next stage is guys who maybe don’t interrupt or steamroll her, but instead don’t actually talk about anything of substance. They naturally adhere to facts and figures, and would rather learn about where she’s from, how old she is, where she went to school, what she studied, how long it was for, and where she now works.

You can walk away from a conversation like that having enough information about her to write a resume, but it's done nothing to build the sexual tension between you. And sure, maybe it’s a comfort because you’ll have plenty of things to talk about for the date, yet if you’re hoping to be seen as anything more than a friend, you’re kidding yourself.

Who you REALLY want to be is a man who can hold silence. Maintain eye contact. Let the woman finish her sentences. And whilst these may sound simple, they’re just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you need to be able to do if you want women to see you as a sexual man and not just a friend.

I reveal the secrets of seducing women in a natural way through holding pressure and applying touch in a seductive way in my online course,Sex God Masterclass. If you’re someone who is completely hopeless with women, if you find yourself consistently in the friend zone, or even manage to get girls back to your bedroom every now and then but can never close the deal, this is your chance to learn how to convey to women that you’re the guy they should be sleeping with. You can learn more about the course and what’s in store by clicking here

Putting All Of Your Eggs In One Basket

I know you might be thinking that anxiety doesn’t stick around forever. That once you get to know a girl more, and once you become comfortable around her, you’ll no longer be anxious, and that's when the sexual tension will start to build.

And ok, maybe that happens sometimes. Maybe you’ll meet a girl at work or through friends, and spend 3-6 months getting to know each other around the coffee machine and things just go from there.

But do you really have that long to wait? If you think about the last time you had sex, the last time you were intimate with a woman, are you really willing to put all of your eggs into 1 or 2 baskets, hoping that she’s still going to be single and still going to sleep with you by the time you finally stumble into a situation where you can try to sleep with her?

If you’re like any of the guys we coach, it’s more likely that you want to start having more control over when and how often you have sex. Rather than hoping a woman will do all of the work because you don’t know how to, or going out and getting drunk thinking it will result in sex, what would it be like to have the power to show women you’re sexually interested in a way that will turn them on too?

Or at the very least, tell exactly if they are interested or not.

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