Are You Tired Of Settling For Average Women?

For guys who think that they “don’t really need to learn that seduction stuff”

Doing ‘Ok’ Women

When guys think of our typical clients, it's very easy for them to paint a picture in their minds of who needs dating coaching. Guys who are probably still virgins and living in their mother’s basement. Guys who have mustered the courage and strength to conquer the Demon Lords of the Dungeons and Dragons universe, yet not the balls to get laid. Guys who find it easier to talk to a computer than to a real human being in front of them.

And while we do take on clients like these, the ones who ACTUALLY need it are guys like you.

Yes, YOU.

Guys who think they’re ‘doing ok’ with girls.

Guys who think they ‘don’t really need to learn that seduction stuff’.

Guys who think they’ve ‘got some things in the pipeline’, meaning they’re basically guaranteed to get laid…sooner or later.

Because whilst you think that things are going alright, they’re really not. You’ve just fallen into a false sense of security.

Unless you’re able to approach a woman you find attractive any time, anywhere, and make something happen from that, you still need to learn seduction.

Risking Rejection

I know you might not think that now. You might believe that because you’ve got a couple of girls on tinder you’re working on, you’re still hooking up with your ex, and Sally from the office is always flirting with you, that things are all going according to plan.

That you can check out our videos from time to time, or read these emails and pick up a few ‘tips and tricks’, but don’t actually have to commit yourself to ever approaching.

To, you know, risk getting rejected.

What’s actually happening underneath is that you’re lying to yourself about how good you are with women. Somewhere in there is an idealized version of yourself which isn’t actually reflected in reality.

You might THINK you’re a catch, but when push comes to shove the really quality women that you pass by on the street, that you see waiting at the bus stop, wouldn’t give you a second thought.

To actually approach her would mean having to risk getting rejected, and in turn having your ego shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.

This is the fallacy of the average man. The inability to reconcile his false ego with the truth.

Because the truth is that you actually want to be with those top quality women. And not only be with them, but to have the ability to get another, and another, until you’ve completely had your fill.

You might even be one of those guys who has slept with 100’s of women because you were a nightclub promoter. Or maybe your ex-girlfriend was a model who you met through friends.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to replicate those results. As soon as you lose whatever status, privilege or connections you had that got you those women in the first place, you lose your shot at getting them again.

Your reliance on external circumstances is what has lead you to where you are now: having this false sense of superiority about your dating skills.

Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone = Ego Shattered

And trust me, I know more than anyone else what this is like, as does James Marshall. We can both point to moments in our past where we had options with women because we were in bands, or had rocking social circles.

But when it came to getting that Russian model who strutted past us on the street, we were flabbergasted as to what to do.

The only way you’re ever going to be able to score the women you really want is to step outside of your comfort zone, open yourself up to rejection, and subsequently have your ego shattered, hopefully hundreds of times like James and I have.

Because, truth be told, this doesn’t get easier. As dating coaches we struggle with this on a daily basis. We could be walking out our door having had a threesome with two models the night before, approach a girl, and have her blow us off as though we were trash.

Boom. Ego shattered.


The Essentials Of Seduction

If you’re still not convinced, consider these three things that seducers need to master in order to be able to get the truly quality women, to be able to compete with guys who are high powered CEO’s or flying girls around in private jets.

Logistics. How well would you be able to navigate a complicated situation where you’ve got mere hours to sleep with a girl before both you and her fly to different countries?

Relationships. If you’re being cockblocked by that alpha guy from her work who has been trying to get in her pants for months, or that fat friend who’s jealous of Tiffany always getting the guys, would you know how to win them over and still get the girl?

Boundaries. What would you do when those super hot girls start putting up all these walls when you’re trying to sleep with them? They KNOW they’re highly valued on the market, otherwise guys wouldn’t be buying them expensive clothing, taking them to fancy restaurants and offering to fly them out to exotic locations. Why would they offer themselves up to you without something in return? Could you really pull your weight in that situation?

If you think fumbling your way through a seduction with that chubby 6 last week will prepare you for the high class women of the world, you’re sadly mistaken.

This is the wake up call you need. Right now, that part of you who is sick of dating average girls, of having them choose you instead of the other way around, is dying to learn how to really land the top quality women of the world.

Luckily for you I’m going to teach you the exact sexual energy and touch that those women are looking for in my online course, the Sex God Masterclass I know from coaching thousands of men that it's easy for the average guy to get sexual with a 6 or 7, but once they’re dealing with a high class woman they start treating her as though she’s made of porcelain, terrified to touch her lest they taint her perfect flawless skin.

I’m going to help you overcome that barrier and teach you the mindsets, beliefs and actions you need to be able to seduce those women just like every other woman you’ve met so far. Click here to learn more about the Sex God Masterclass.

The question is simple: do you want better quality women in your life?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then do you think doing things the same way you are now is going to lead to you getting those women?

Even if you spend the rest of your life avoiding approaching and rejection, instead hoping for another one of those random encounters where you might get lucky and bump into a model at a friends house party, learning how to touch a woman properly is the starting point to bringing more of those women you REALLY want into your life.


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