Do Dating Workshops Really Work?

…and will it work personally for you?

Sometimes, taking a dating workshop isn't so much about a guaranteed result and more about what you want for yourself and your life

Today I want to talk about the most common fear most guys have about attending a dating workshop, and maybe this is something you can relate to.

Of course guys have understandable fears around approaching, a niggling sense that they're not good enough for really amazing women but these tend to get cleared up in the early days as they have lived experiences of moving through their anxiety and getting great responses from women.

Simply put, some part of them always wonders “will this work for me?”.

To be honest, it's always a tough question to answer.

I know that most guys want some kind of quantitative answer.

“90% of our students get laid one week after the workshop!”

“10 dates in the first month after your workshop or your money back!”

“4 out of 5 guys report their cocks have tripled in size since attending the EuroTour!”

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little facetious, but I’m simply trying to highlight that looking for some kind of numerical answer to this question is a black hole. It’s like trying to find an answer to the question “what is happiness?”

So, tell me…

What do YOU want to get out of a workshop?

Defining Success

Something I consistently notice when meeting clients at the beginning of a workshop is how much time they’ve spent over-analyzing all of the problems in their life, how terrible they are with women and what’s stopping them from approaching. But they spend little time thinking about what they actually want.

Sure, they might say they want to “be able to approach” or “spend time around the coaches”. But those aren’t really goals.

To clear up the confusion, ask yourself this:

If you had just completed a workshop with The Natural Lifestyles, how would you KNOW that it had been a success for you?

What would you be able to do? What changes would you see in yourself as a man? How would you feel?

Because the answer to that question is what will determine whether or not a workshop will work for you.

If you aim to leave a workshop having had a threesome with two playboy bunnies, then I can safely say that it’s an unrealistic goal for a workshop and probably not going to happen. It’s not to say that can’t happen for you in the future (and if it does please email me with the story!), but it’s just not what we’re out to do.

Our primary focus for our clients is to help them express themselves to women in an authentic way. Mind you, this isn’t the same as the self-help cliche of ‘be yourself’, because I can guarantee there are a bunch of things you’re doing right now when meeting women that are blowing your chances, and it’s likely that you don’t even register what they are.

What we really need to do is take you through a process of balancing. Taking a look at all of the things you’re doing too much of (saying sorry, talking to fast, nodding for no reason) and toning them down.

Then, looking at all of the things you’re not doing enough, and amping them up. Being aware of your emotions and hers. Expressing your sexual intent. Holding pressure.

But that’s just the workshop itself. The real journey begins after the workshop, when you’re back home and left to your own devices.

This, I think, is what most guys worry about when they wonder about taking a workshop. It’s easy to approach when you have myself at your side, but what about when you get back home?

Learning To Motivate Yourself

It’s a good thing to think about because ultimately we cannot do the work for you. Imagine spending a week with one of the best personal trainers in the world. Someone who can give you an optimal work-out plan, breaking down each movement into its simplest parts, telling you what to eat, when to eat, and even how to stretch.

And then imagine finishing your time with that trainer. Would you be motivated to go to the gym? Maybe at first. But what about a few weeks later when you get caught up in that project at work? Or you have to fly out of town for a wedding? Or Christmas rolls around and you stuff your face with turkey?

If you expect the trainer to knock on your door each morning, pull the covers off and carry you on their shoulder to the gym, your expectations are way out of alignment.

At the same time, if you expect us to give you some magic pill or wave a wand and suddenly transform you into someone who is motivated and hardworking, you’re kidding yourself.

Ultimately, we can show you the way up the mountain, but you’re the one who has to climb it.

So instead of asking “will a dating workshop work for me?”, instead ask yourself “how badly do I want this and what am I prepared to do and commit to, in order to succeed?"

Because it’s not how good looking you are or how many girls you’ve slept with that determines success when it comes to cold approach seduction. It’s simply how you’re going to react when things start to get tough. When you go through 20 approaches and each girl has a boyfriend. When you’re moments away from sleeping with the hottest girl you’ve ever met and she turns you down. When you fall madly in love with a girl who came out of nowhere and things don’t work out.

Will you be someone who pushes through and finds a way to keep going? Or someone who gives up, declares it’s too hard, and becomes bitter about women and the world?

With all that in mind, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try.

At the very least you'll come away from the workshop with massive amount of reference experiences with women, world class training in the absolute best strategies for seduction and pathways to inner game advances that will gradually unfold in your subconscious. You'll have real proof that women can find you attractive, that you are capable of moving through your fears and that there is infinite potential of who you could meet and what magic you can create. Even if you don't actively cold approach, you will at least pick off the easier shots in your social circle, at work, online etc.

Of course as your coaches we want to see much much more out of you than your bare minimum, so that you achieve your ultimate potential.

As a final thought, it’s very possible that you aren’t ready for a workshop. Maybe you’ve been burned before by doing one with another coach or company, or having been following us long enough to build up that level of trust. In that case I always recommend guys check out the Dating Accelerator. I put this course together not only to teach beginners how to approach in a practical, nuts and bolts manner, but also to help calm their fears about being coached by us. You can learn more about the course by clicking here.

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