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James Marshall

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Founder and CEO of The Natural Lifestyles, James specializes in low-energy, high-impact seduction. Combining years of hardcore Shaolin Kung Fu training with years of Australian hippy rock and roll game, James’ wide variety of experiences allows him to see the simple problems stopping men from having the women they want, and the steps needed to be taken to become natural with women.

James Marshall

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James Marshall

Entering the seduction scene at the peak of pick-up lines, scripted material and fake personas, James set out on a mission to develop an approach that focused on being able to naturally show women who he was as a man.

Make no apology, take full responsibility

It wasn’t an easy journey, having started from limited success with women through extended periods of isolation in his pursuit of meditation and martial arts mastery, and settling for average hippy chicks in his social circle as a musician.

Through integrating himself into a group of men who were true naturals with women, James eventually boiled their talents down to a set of 5 teachable principles that are the cornerstone of his seduction coaching.

On live programs, James brings passion and intensity to his students, driven to see them succeed with women. Having experienced years of pain and rejection, he understands the journey from the beginning to the end and is adept at helping men to express their natural selves with women, rather than feeling as though they need to be ‘alpha’ or ‘pump up their state’ to have a genuine connection.

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Exclusively coaching 7 Day Residential and the EuroTour, James is the best in the business when it comes to Natural game. Whilst they may try, no other coach will be able to pinpoint the errors you’re making when interacting with women and turn them around with masterful insight that can only come from years of experience. Beginners and advanced students alike will be blown away by the combination of passion, dedication and expertise that James brings to his coaching.

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