No Success Without Purpose, No Purpose Without Initiation

Why I Created Natural Warrior Training by James Marshall

Negative foundations that are literally destroying men’s lives

Have you ever wondered what the core problem is that causes most men to lack natural confidence and ease of masculine expression around both women and their peers? Without going into too much detail we can say that the way men are being raised in the 21st Century has deviated radically from older cultural processes of moving from boyhood into manhood. Transitioning into manhood once meant going through physically difficult and mentally strenuous initiation challenges. Strong male role models would be present to teach young men the importance of certain principles of being, and guide them on a journey to discover their sense of purpose. When you have a tribal environment like this surrounding you, your masculine power can be naturally ignited and your mission can become much clearer.

Nowadays unfortunately most of these initiations are lost. Men are thrown into the world receiving little or no guidance from reliable role models and are often largely unaware of their bodies and instincts. They are presented with conflicting messages about what it means to be a man and how to own your masculinity and sexuality with pride. Often men become shaky, socially numb and feel powerless. This negative foundation is literally destroying men’s lives! And that’s why I created the week-long Natural Warrior Training workshop.


Reclaim Your Stolen Masculine Power – Natural Warrior Training Ep.1.

Choose your tribe wisely – For those who hear the Natural Warrior’s call

What does this program do?

This program provides you with an intensive experience of ancient tribal initiations blended together with modern personal enhancement and optimization systems. I’ve pulled together a diverse and dynamic team of world-class specialists from movement, mental and spiritual schools, and seamlessly combined their teachings and practical exercises to create an intense masculinity development process for the men who join the workshop. The coaches act as mentors and an experienced shaman guides you through a number of ceremonies that cleanse and prepare you for completing the culmination of your week-long experience – your vision quest.

In all my years coaching seduction, the core issues of purpose, confidence and worthiness come up over and over again. The real problem is much less what to say to a girl on the street but how you feel about yourself and how able you are to rally internal resources to be effective in the world and kind and nurturing to yourself throughout the process. This workshop is designed to reconnect a man with his primal nature, help him discover his true purpose and allow him to experience a real sense of belonging to a powerful tribe. It will test you deeply and allow you to discover yourself and your ability to connect with your environment and those around you in ways you never thought possible.

To guarantee the optimal training experience, lots of individual feedback from our elite teachers and a true tribal experience we limit this workshop to twelve brave men. If you don’t want to waste further time feeling trapped and you desire to finally become a man then I encourage you to reserve your place now…



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