Surrounded by people you don’t resonate with?

(even when you’re on a date?)

One question we get a lot about our workshops is…

''Why should I even bother to  attend a workshop if I already have some experience with women and a social circle?"

Whether you’re a positive guy who’s still just getting started in dating and relationships or someone with a few girls and friends around him, the answer is simple..

“To have the power to choose the right women for you.”

What do we teach our clients?

The truth is that most of our clients are not hard cases, not socially awkward virgins, but normal guys with decent careers and often experience in some type of romantic relationships. Even though they experienced some success in their dating lives they still feel they lack the quality they have always dreamed of. They want the freedom not to settle for an average girl who has little to offer them but who was convenient to date because there were no other options. Guys who take our workshops develop the social freedom to be able to confidently approach the real girl of their dreams instead in a café or in the street. Of course, the foundation of this ability to exercise freedom is always a healthy relationship with yourself, and that’s something that will inevitably be challenged as part of the workshop. Thoughts, emotions and physical sensations will be something to go through but I’ve always seen it come back to whether a man can show a woman that he doesn’t need her but want her and have the confidence and competence to really show that he wants to connect with her and do it successfully. That’s what we teach our clients.

Another advantage to doing a TNL workshop is, of course, access to the TNL online community, which, after 14 years of workshops in Australia, Europe and the U.S., is extensive. More importantly, that community is made up of guys who not only understand but actively practice what they learn with TNL, and so is the best place to find accountability, feedback and encouragement. Participants on TNL workshops receive guidance on how to build social networks like the TNL crew from the coaches, as well as through connecting with other guys on the course. The workshop gives you the chance to learn how to create social circles that are more than just your colleagues from the office as buddies as you develop the ability to seek out and interact with  like-minded, challenging, inspiring, supportive guys on their path to self- improvement.

A TNL workshop is a unique transformative experience

It’s hard to explain how deeply the change process goes in a few words. Our coaches work with you to develop your ability to self-coach and we use specialised drama role-play exercises to develop your ability to express your intent, have an engaging conversation and calibrate with touch. The core TNL curriculum only fits into a four-day program of eight hours per day and that’s why it’s our shortest group workshop. If you’re looking to dramatically develop your ability to interact with women, develop your confidence at a core level, and most importantly, get all the tools to design a lifestyle of your choice, join us on one of our upcoming 4–day residential...

Truth is, like I’ve said before, you’re really potentially only one approach away from meeting your next great lover, girlfriend, etc. The important thing is to learn how to make that approach matter;)



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