How To Touch Women?

The Right Way

What’s Really Holding You Back With Women

What’s the one thing that’s preventing you from experiencing intimate connections with women?

Is it not having enough money?

Or status?

Or muscles?

Or could it be that you’ve been raised to do the exact opposite of what you should be doing on a date with a woman?

See, what you’re actually supposed to be doing is touching women, and often. As long as you have a woman's consent, you should be putting your arm around her, touching her lower back, playing with her fingers underneath the table at dinner.

But instead, if you’re like most men you fumble your way through a date knowing that you SHOULD touch a woman, but with no idea as to HOW to touch her.

I’ve specifically designed my online course, the Sensual Massage Mastery, to be a practical guide to touching women. Rather than spending hours on end delving into evolutionary psychology or gender studies theory, I get straight into giving you the nuts and bolts of how you should be touching women on dates.

Putting Yourself In Her Shoes

If you’re having trouble understanding how to touch, put yourself in the woman's shoes for a moment.

She’s spending all of this time getting dressed up, doing her hair and make-up to make sure she looks great for you. She’s invested in at least getting to know you and finding out if there is a future between you two.

But most importantly, she’s showing up hoping it goes well.

And part of things going well means being touched by you.

Knowing that you can not only have a conversation with her and make her laugh, but also connect with her in a non-verbal way.

Because this is going to tell her how confident you are, how comfortable you are in your body, and also how capable you’ll be in the bedroom.

The Ideal Date

No woman wants to walk away from the date thinking “well I guess he was nice, but he didn’t touch me at all…”

And in a similar fashion, she doesn’t want to be thinking “god he wouldn’t stop touching me, it’s like he doesn’t even know what he’s doing so he just forces himself to do it!”.

She’d love to be able to call her girlfriends and say “I met this guy and…well…I don’t know how to describe it, but when he put his hands on me there was this…heat…this...electricity between us.”

That feeling that she can’t describe is why touch is so important. It circumvents the logical rational part of the brain and goes straight to the heart. It connects to something deeper, something more primal and instinctual.

We all need to be touched as people. You as a man need to be touched.

But if you’re unable to touch a woman and work towards building an intimate connection, you’re going to be denied that touch, and hoping that she does all of the work.

And even if she does initiate and touch you a lot, chances are you’re still going to be uncomfortable with it, and eventually, she’ll get sick of doing all of the work and move on to a man who knows what he’s doing.

So if you want to learn how to touch a woman properly, the masculine way, be sure to check out the Sensual Massage Mastery by clicking here.

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