Trapped In A Purposeless Life?

Most of us live very privileged lives, especially in terms of human history. We have access to unlimited amounts of food and safe shelter, we spend most of our day in climate-controlled offices sitting in comfy chairs, yet we seldomly feel happy and satisfied.


The search for meaning

Did you ever achieve an important milestone in life only to end up feeling incomplete and asking yourself…

“Now what is the next step?”

Most ambitious men do, and they think the answer is to keep scoring bigger and bigger goals, hoping that one day finally all the effort they put in will make them feel worthy and fulfilled - as if there is a final external goal that when reached, you will feel satisfied and finally at ease with yourself.

Unfortunately, this almost never works.

That’s why we see so many celebrities and high-status men becoming addicted to substances and toxic lifestyles. To escape the sense of emptiness that haunts them.

But what is causing this lack?

Realize that most of us live very privileged lives, especially in terms of human history.  We have access to unlimited amounts of food and safe shelter, we spend most of our day in climate-controlled offices sitting in comfy chairs.

This is a very comfortable and safe bubble to live in…

Except that it doesn’t make us truly satisfied, because no matter how good of a life we are living, we still feel the primal call of the wild. We are animals after all.

How most confidence issues are born

In each of us, there is a yearning to escape the modern world with everything that entails, even if just for a short time. A deep calling exists to honor our instincts and masculine nature, to journey, to explore, to fight, dance, sing, and fuck.

By ignoring these instincts we don’t allow our subjective senses of entitlement and confidence to develop in the first place, in some senses we are still scared children.

This creates chronic problems in our social, sexual and internal worlds - whether that manifests as having a hard time making a woman sexually attracted to us or struggling to connect with highly successful guys.


A man is one whose body has been trained to be the ready servant of his mind; whose passions are trained to be the servants of his will; who enjoys the beautiful, loves truth, hates wrong, loves to do good, and respects others as himself.

John Ruskin

For many years, you knew me as James Marshall, the seduction teacher, but experience taught me that, with most of my students, there is a more important deep individual work to be done that must develop in tandem with learning to seduce.

That’s why in the past two years I’ve been experimenting by putting together a whole new workshop at Natropia, my private retreat centre in Portugal. I’ve gathered together a team of world-class coaches and specialists in different schools of life enhancement, from movement to ancient sacred medicines and spirituality, to initiate men and reconnect them with the dormant warrior inside of them.

I called it the Natural Warrior Training, and the results with it so far have been both phenomenal and unexpected. Students were experiencing a deep sense of happiness and higher purpose and that was only a couple of days into the program.

 Keep in mind, the Natural Warrior Training is definitely NOT for everyone. You don’t need to be an athlete or experienced in meditation but you do need an attitude of holistic learning. You must be willing to leave your job, your status, your pride at the gates to Natropia and embrace your vulnerability, power, and presence.

This is an 8-day intensive journey of deep self-exploration that will completely turn your inner and outer worlds upside down, revealing the root causes of any social, romantic and purpose issues that you might have, while rapidly enabling you to recreate the way you experience life.

I hope to see you at Natropia this August, ready to join me in this unique tribe.


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