Feel Like You’ve Passed Your Peak In Life?

But which path do you choose?

Reliving The Glory Days

A lot of guys have fond memories of the ‘glory days’ in life, some period when things just seemed to be getting better and better, and everything was going their way.

For some it’s high school where they had a great group of buddies and a girlfriend.

For others it's university or college, where they had easy access to girls, a lot of free time to spend with friends, and laying the foundation for a successful career.

And yet something inevitably changes that makes all of this crumble. You have to leave school or university, or your friends all move on, or you break up with that girlfriend who you were planning to spend the rest of your life with.

When this happens you’re likely to find yourself at a crossroads. You can’t go back and have things be the way they were. You have to move forward. But which path do you choose?

Begin Again

Do you decide to retreat into your comfort zone, mourning the loss of what you once had and giving up on ever having it again?

Or do you set yourself a new goal, start putting in the work to reinvent your life and create something even better than what you had before?

Most guys I know choose the former.

They spend years stuck in a job they hate, desperately trying to meet women through work and friends with little to no success, and wishing that some magical fairy would wave a wand and take them back to the good ol’ days.

Very few actually make a conscious effort to change. These are the guys we see taking our live workshops, attending our seminars, or signing up for our online courses.

They’re the ones who have decided enough is enough, that there must be more to life then moping around in regret and sorrow.

But the rest are simply stuck in the past, forever tethered to a time that’s never going to come again.

Taking The First Steps

It’s not easy to set out on a new journey when you realize you’re never going to relive those old experiences.

Part of the resistance is admitting that somewhere along the way you’re going to have to fail, make mistakes, get rejected, all important parts of starting something new.

This is especially true of seduction and cold approach pick up. The early days can be some of the hardest because you have very little experience to go on and don’t really know what you’re doing.

So where does that leave you?

Luckily I’ve put together a 3 week course called the Dating Accelerator that is specifically designed for beginners. Guys who are looking for a new way to meet women, but are terrified of taking those first steps. In this practical nuts and bolts guide I’ll be describing exactly what you need to be doing to make progress as a beginner, as well as highlighting some of the common pitfalls and giving you homework missions to make sure you stay on target. You can learn more about the course by clicking here.

Remember, the only way you had those glory days to begin with was by making a start. It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops along the way; it’s just easier to remember all of the good parts and forget the bad.

Having a balanced perspective on things is not only healthy but will ensure you’re able to continue enjoying life and the future before you.

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