9 Ways To Screw Up A Date

Men often complain that women make it problematic to have sex with them, particularly when a girl comes home after a date. They think “Why would she come to my house if she didn’t want to fuck!” The joke is, she probably did, and your house or the way you acted turned her off.

Here are 9 common ways guys mess up a chance to get laid after a date:

1. The Awkward Invitation

Making a big deal out of asking the girl to come in creates unnecessary tension. This is the moment where you don’t want to make her uncomfortable.

2. The Messy Kitchen

Your house being disgusting is a sure way to turn her off. The guy that doesn’t tidy up before a date is mentally preparing for failure or ruining the mood when she gets home.

3. The Awkward Conversation

Forcing a long drawn out conversation is a reaction guys often fall into when they are nervous of unsure about how to make a move. The longer you remain physically distant and dredging for small talk, the less she wants to be there.

4. The Cockblocking Friend

This can take many forms, the annoying/polite/unaware friends, hers or yours. The worst of course being a male friend (showing her the dubstep remix of two girls one cup), who is competing with you for the girls attention in a lose / lose game. The guy that doesn’t take the lead and handle logistical problems will find his sure thing turning into an epic sex fail.

5. The Disgusting Bathroom

James Marshall: “A girl once told me that she went to a guys house, saw the shit stains smeared on the toilet bowl, and then decided not to fuck him.” Men love bad boys but they hate dirt, shit, pubic hairs, napkins for toilet paper and no towels above floor level.

6. The Man Cave

Laziness and ill preparation under the guise of manly self expression will guarantee to have your date swatting your tit hand away and making her excuses. Remember the golden wisdom of seduction: men have sex to relax, women have sex when relaxed and if the harsh lighting, jizzy odor and bad playlist stress her out, she won’t want to fuck you.

7. The Ruined Moment

A women will often set up a scenario where it’s easy for the guy to kiss her but many men miss the signals or are too cowardly to act. She doesn’t want you to ask or check.

8. The Creepy Kiss Attempt

Well after the ruined moment, trying to kiss her when she’s lost interest and then reacting badly makes an easy justification to her to block your facebook and ignore your texts.

9. The Bitter Nice Guy

Becoming frustrated at her initial rejection, without taking the feedback will not only turn her off on the date but also to ruin any chances to see her again.

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