The 3 Things You Think Get Sex, But DON’T

So many men are lost, stabbing around in the dark trying to get sex. They’ll try anything and everything… except for actually approaching a woman. I see it so often. Guys convincing themselves that they’re having a good time, when really under the surface, the main thing they want is sex.

Here are 3 classic things guys to in the vain hope that it will somehow get sex in some roundabout way:

1. Drinking with their friends

Alcohol is such a multi-layered liquid in the seduction world. For starters, it gives you a false sense of confidence. Secondly, I gives you an escape from the brutal truth that you’re not getting laid as much as you would like to be. It also gives you an excuse to be out and about in social venues talking to girls. It actually numbs your social skills and means that you’re not really progressing or dealing with your anxiety, just putting off facing it till a later date.

2. Focusing on your career/“Developing yourself” without actually approaching women

Many guys will convince themselves that if they work hard enough to reach a senior position in their firm, get the status and prestige and power, and the company car, that suddenly women will begin to flock to them. This is not the case, and the worst part about this dael is that when guys have worked so hard for this “watch, suit, car house = women” fantasy, and they arrive to realize it was all bullshit, it makes them even more bitter and resentful of women, as if women told them this. Parallel versions of this include “I’ll approach women when I’ve found inner peace through meditation”, “When I have more muscles” “If I just become and interesting person girls will see that.”I ABOSOLUTLEY endorse pursing your passions, trying out new hobbies, mastering an artistic or physical craft, whether that’s music, art, meditation, bodybuilding, sport, entrepreneurship. BUT none of these things are an excuse NOT to start approaching women TODAY. Every day you spend not approaching women is a day you are missing out on being closer to the woman of your dreams.

3. Cars/houses

Society has been telling you since you were born that a cool car is a powerful status symbol. That it will somehow manifest you sex. Maybe a girl will see you getting into it and then suddenly approach you. Maybe she will even see the photo on your Facebook and send you a message. Very unlikely. Cars are not only poor seduction props, they are actually massive financial black holes. The amount of money you have to spend buying and maintaining them would be much better invested in something else. $40,000 could get a car that instantly depreciates to $32,000 or less. $40,000 could allow you to live in a cool eastern European city for a year or two comfortably.

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