Your smartphone is killing your dating life

We all know life is finite, so are you spending your time the right way?

Look, I’m nobody to tell you what you should or should not prioritize.

But will you look back one day at a ripe old age and say:

“Damn, those ten years I devoted to Instagram were a total blast!”

Might read funny now, but that’s where a large percentage of young men are heading nowadays.

Hooked to the instant validation and fake sense of connection of social media, research shows the average person consumes content for at least two hours a day––and that’s at the low end. .

That’s about fifteen hours per week, sixty hours per month, and…you can keep doing the math.

This is not another rant about the dangers of technology and going back to primal ways of living. I’m a big proponent of milking the sh*t out of whatever tools are available to enhance your life and find success faster than previous generations.

Going Out Like That Date GIF by Reba McEntire

What I’m warning you against is passiveness.

The exact kind of spectator mindset you reinforce with hours of mindlessly scrolling your phone every day rapidly transfers to most other areas of your offline reality.

Like, not knowing anymore how to make friends, reduced work productivity, and you guessed it…your dating results.

If you want to learn more about this and find out how to switch from a static consumer type to a ‘let’s make stuff happen’ creator type, watch my latest video below:


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