I got humbled

We all need challenges once in a while.

Especially when you get so good by most people’s standards at something that you get paid to travel the world to teach it.

It’s easy to get stuck in your ego and convince yourself that there’s nothing more to be gained or learned.

So, last month I decided to test myself and recorded the very first ‘seduction challenge’ in the history of TNL:

48 hours to get a date in a new city.

No friends or social circle, no Tinder, or any other online distractions.

Just walking up to total hot strangers in the street––filmed by my ninja camerawoman––and using my approaching skills to get the ladies to meet me again on a date within the next couple of days.

No consolation prizes or half-assing it: I either succeed or miserably fail in front of the entire channel.

Safe to say that the whole experience taught me a lot and, in some ways, even humbled me. Find out the outcome of my crazy experiment by watching the full video below:

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