First date: how to not f*ck it up (4 rules)

Know what’s one of the most flawed, dangerous assumptions guys make in dating?

“If she agrees to go out with you, you’ve already won”.

In some way, there’s truth to it…

When a woman agrees to meet you for a first date, chances are she feels more attraction and connection than a total stranger.

But it’s not a guarantee she will go home with you or see you again.

True stories of hilariously awkward first dates have inspired countless films, series, and works of fiction.

Just ask any of your female friends.

Nearly every girl can list a dozen or more guys she went for drinks with but deeply regrets.

If you want to make sure you don’t end up in any, I suggest you go and watch my latest video below asap.

In it, I outline four subtle mistakes and ‘logistical problems’ that are spoiling your chances to close the deal and build relationships:


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