Wingmanship 101 (finding allies, not competitors)

Finding the right wingman can double your results overnight. But how can you choose one?

Lone Wolves Vs Tribal Hunters

Back in the Stone Age, our ancestors realized that by entering into alliances and forming tribes of hunters & gatherers every member could enjoy much more food and vital resources without risking dying of hunger by trying to survive individually.

That’s what I want to talk about to you today: how not to starve in your dating life and rapidly increase your results with women.

When you’re lucky enough to find a like-minded and positive dude––or a small tight-knit crew of them–– to team up with when meeting girls, your results can literally double overnight.

But unless you have a proven system and some basics to follow when going out with your wingman, you’re bound to fail a lot (and possibly even ruin some friendships).

Building a kickass group of wingmen

Finding a guy to go out with to meet women can be easy, but building a long-term relationship of trust, support and mutual respect with one or more men takes work and commitment on both sides.

When I coach my students at one of our live workshops, there are 3 main rules I tell them to keep in mind when going out in pairs in order to better wing each other…

1-He who approaches owns the girls

This golden rule of Seduction was as valid 20 years ago as it is today. In short, whoever approaches a girl, or a group of females, first is the one who has all the power of choice and can pick the woman he likes the most.

What about the other guys? This leads us to rule #2...

2-The main purpose of a wingman is to help the guy who opened succeeding with his girl

When you’re winging another dude, your primary goal should be to help him succeed with the girl he likes.

You can do so by entertaining her friends, flirting with them, and even saying to them that your buddy looks good with their girlfriend. But avoid at all costs interrupting another dude’s conversation with his girl––you’ll just ruin his interaction.

3-If closing your girl helps your wing close his girl, do it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should sleep with her less attractive friend when you don’t want to in order to help your buddy to sleep with his girl.

But realize that the majority of women, especially the less beautiful ones, tend to always receive less attention when compared to, and develop jealousy towards, their stunning girlfriends, so they end up cockblocking everyone in order to not feel like shit.

So what can you do to help your wingman close in a situation like this?

It is as easy as also taking the less attractive girl’s number––even if you don’t plan on dating her––so that she also gets to feel beautiful and seduced by a cool guy.

Perhaps she can even offer you social circle opportunities and become a good friend in the future. Keep an open mind 😉

In my latest video, you can see me coaching two of my brave students in the streets of Barcelona on how to correctly co-operate with each other and become good Wingmen.

If this is something you want to learn, click HERE to check it out! 

I’m sure there is something in it you can take away and apply to your own approaches.

How to join the most élite masculine network on the planet

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