How To Read Her Signals

Making the right move on a woman is paramount to lead things from an interesting conversation all the way to the bedroom. But unless you’re able to calibrate your actions properly, and read the various signals she’s giving you, you’re doomed to fail…

Getting girls to teach you game

There is a famous saying in the seduction world…

If you’re a good listener, the girl will tell you how to close her.

In the past 2 years coaching for TNL, I’ve seen students struggling with this all the time…

Going for the number and leaving, when the girl is obviously free and down to spend more time together for a coffee, maybe even at your place 😉

Continuously changing surface-level topics, instead of diving deeper into one she seemed intrigued by.

On a date, talking endlessly, when it’s clear she just wants you to shut up and kiss her.

If this resonates with you and you want to stop missing out on solid opportunities, you have to understand something…

Being a good seducer is as much about leading and having the power, as it is about giving it away and letting the girl do the moves when needed.

The problem is, most guys get the timing completely wrong.

They physically escalate and increase pressure, when they should make the girl feel more comfortable - and thus creeping her out.

Or they are too docile and submissive when the girl is relaxed and attracted and wants them to make a move to increase sexual tension - thus boring her to death.

Ultimately, it all boils down to one important skill…

Reading women’s signals

What is her current emotional state?

Is she just socially polite or sexually invested? 

Is she ready for me to escalate things to a more intimate level?

These are all questions you must be able to answer yourself before you make a move on a girl you like. Good news is that you don’t have to spend years earning a psychology degree, or practicing gimmicky lines, to understand what’s going on in a girl’s mind, because in most cases she will literally coach you on how to close her––if you’re capable of listening.

The Principle of Awareness

At TNL, we call this the Principle of Awareness––one of the foundational blocks of our very successful method of Natural Seduction.

For our students, being Aware means being receptive at all times to what is going on in peoples minds and bodies: firstly their own, and later women’s

They achieve this capacity by going through an intense personalized training curriculum consisting of dozens of infield hours with a coach (2:1 student to instructor ratio) giving them feedback in real-time, internal spirituality & re-wiring drills, roleplay classes with female models, seduction theory, and a lot more.  

Watch my latest video, to learn more about this. Click HERE to watch it.

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