Why Women Should Perceive You As ‘The Prize’

Let’s be honest, if being nice and agreeable was enough to attract women, half of the world would be drowning in pus*y.

But they are not.

In fact, things seem to work almost the opposite way if you study dating dynamics carefully…

Girls constantly ditching and friend-zoning the nice guy who respects and nurtures them for the f*ck boy/bad boy type who is selfish and always puts himself first.

Truth is that women love ‘challenges’.

They crave the addictive feeling of being around a masculine guy who is firmly unapologetic about his actions and is not afraid to call them out whenever they do something he doesn’t like.

Are you that kind of guy?

If not, the first thing you have to understand is that being an asshole here is absolutely not the goal. In fact, a large part of being successful with women and socially is owning a strong element of likability.

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What you’re looking for here is to develop personal standards.

The next step is holding women accountable to them by qualifying them…

Is she your type?

Do you share the same interests and similar views on the world?

Does she care about the same things you care about?

Finding answers to questions like these is fundamental to getting the right woman by your side and making her perceive you as the real ‘prize’. This can easily be achieved in a flirtatious way by using a little banter and ‘challenging’ her in a teasing way whenever she does or says something you don’t like.

To learn more about this complex topic, watch my latest video. In it, you’ll also see one of our brave workshop students struggling and succeeding at creating solid connections with several women while remaining unapologetically true to himself.

Click on the link below to watch it


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