Why Girls Make You Wait For It (Sometimes Forever)

There is no magic number of dates to go through to get every girl from ‘Hi’ to the bedroom.

In reality, all women are different, some take more time and effort to open up and feel comfortable getting intimate with you while others are naturally more confident and uninhibited when it comes to sex.

However, when talking with clients and students about logistics and smooth escalation, I often notice how most of them tend to absolutely over-exaggerate and overestimate the effort it takes to get sexual with girls. Truth is that, in most cases…

She wants to f*ck you much sooner than you think.

Simply put, women crave sex as much as we do, and in most cases, if they’re attracted to a guy and feel relatively relaxed around him, they will seek physical intimacy as soon as possible.

Sure, some girls won’t just sleep with you the first night or first date, no matter how great you are at seduction, but they generally will on the second and third date.

Ultimately, it all depends on your mindset…

Do you feel sex is a big deal and judge girls who hook up with guys “fast”?

Do you see getting physically intimate as a prerequisite for any emotional connection and so you strive to sleep with women as soon as possible without judging them?

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Whatever you feel, the girl will feel.

It’s as simple as that.

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