The #1 thing every girl secretly wants from you

Realize this: what you do or say to women matters far less than you think.

It’s all about how you make them feel.

Being able to impact others at deep emotional levels is what ultimately makes the difference between a guy who is friendly and likable and a man that is craved by women and respected by other males

But there is a reason if this is something only a small percentage of people are capable of.

A fundamental prerequisite must be met: getting rid of all expectations.

The expectation that she will laugh at your jokes.

Or that she will be nice to you if you compliment her.

This is exactly what most nice guys do, provide good emotions to others hoping to get something––most often sex––in return for their chivalrous manners.

Doing the opposite won’t work either…

You know, the whole ‘being an as*hole and disrespecting girls to get them attracted to you’ strategy––that’s still expectation-based (also makes you look like a sociopath).

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What you want to develop is a strong dose of non-neediness.

To express yourself and give to others without wanting anything from them in return.

And, paradoxically, the moment you stop hiding your agendas, women will be much more into you.

Because that’s all they really need: to feel something (not necessarily always positive) with you and from you.

Learn how to appeal to their emotional side, and your dating potential will know no limits.

To learn more about this, watch my latest video interview I just released in collaboration with my good friend and enlightened dating coach, Zan Perrion. Click on the link below to watch it:

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