Why women ignore you in the street (& how to fix it)

A true master of any art understands that foundations and core basics are the ultimate bedrock of future success.

Trying to jump ahead and learn the flashy moves first, whether it’s martial arts, music or seduction without understanding footwork, breathing, scales, or how to approach a woman correctly, will lead to frustration and mediocre results at best.

When it comes to dating, nothing else matters until you can competently approach with the right intent and body language to get her to stop and willingly talk to you.

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Because if she won’t stop to talk, or is weirded out by you before you even open your mouth, you’re going to get nowhere.

The good news is, it is actually very easy to learn, once you know the common mistakes and how to calibrate to each woman you meet.

In my latest video, I give a detailed masterclass on one of my signature moves, “The Jedi Stop”. This is a simple, smooth and field proven way to stop women walking on the street in a way that grabs their attention, projects confidence and charm without being pushy, or rude.

Click on the link below to check it out:


By the way, this value packed clip comes from my 3-week foundation’s online course, The Dating Accelerator.

With over 20 hours of detailed instructional videos on all aspects of approaching, openers and frameworks for getting into engaging and flirty conversations, how to close with charm and decisiveness. Plus modules on creating intimate and fun dates that lead to the bedroom, infield inner game to get over approach anxiety, weekly lectures, missions & accountability systems and 10+ hours of bonuses.

Right now, I’m hosting a flash sale, where you can get lifetime access to DA for 50% off the regular price, for only 97 euros.

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