I used to suck with women too (here is proof)

Know what’s the true enemy of progress?


Especially when it comes to getting better with women, you can’t ‘force’ or ‘rush’ results.

Sure, if you lower your standards and play on mere quantity by approaching hundreds of drunk girls in bars or clubs, you might score the odd, awkward one-night-stand rather quickly.

But if you’re committed to becoming the kind of magnetizing, seductive man who is in strong demand by the hottest women in every scenario, it will take some time.

I, for one, was much less confident and effective at this when I first got into the dating scene in my late twenties.

In fact, I was very dorky and uncalibrated…

But instead of taking rejections personally and talking myself out of it, I persisted and focused on making the process enjoyable, turning even the cringiest moments into fun, learning experiences.

Coffee Kiss GIF by The Bachelor

Over a decade later, I’ve not only lived all the romantic and sexual fantasies most men only dream about, but I’ve also helped tens of thousands of others to do the same.

So, if you’re curious to see a much less experienced ‘newbie’ James Marshall in action, go and watch my latest video.

In it, I analyze and roast some of my first ancient infield approaches, breaking down all major seduction mistakes and strengths of my younger self. Click on the link below to watch it:


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From day 1 in the workshop, you’ll learn practical ways to overcome your fears and confidently meet and interact with dozens of hot women. From catwalk models who frequently visit Barcelona, to local South European beauties, to the many hot ex-pats, you’ll approach and have more dating opportunities in seven days than in the past seven years of your life.

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