The best summer to meet hot women (+ June 2022 TNL Recap)

A long, epic summer lies ahead.

Although the world is lurching through turmoil, we’re now experiencing the first open summer in years.

Hot girls are looking to meet new exciting lovers that will sweep them off their feet, help them disconnect from routine, and take them on sexy adventures.

If you want to become the kind of man who can confidently approach women anywhere, seduce them, and smoothly take them home within the first couple of dates, listen up..

TNL is back on the road and our 2022 summer workshops are on and getting close to sold out!

If you always wanted to get coached by me, Shae, Alex, Virag, and Gareth check out the following dates:

  • Aug 23rd-Aug 26th, 2022, 4-day Barcelona Intensive––only 1 spot left!
  • Aug 29th-Sep 4th, 2022, our premium, week-long Residential program in Barcelona, Spain––3 spots left.
  • Sep 26th-Oct 2nd, 2022 final 7-day program in New York City––4 spots available.

These are your best opportunities to fast-track your progress with women exponentially, literally saving years of trial and error, to get your love life handled this year.


We won’t only teach you the most effective, proven through years of field-testing, principles to become great with the ladies. We will also guide you to intensively practice every single concept in real life by meeting and approaching dozens of beautiful women while getting personalized real-time feedback and corrections.

With over 80 hours of taking action infield and receiving constant feedback from the coaches, you’ll know by instinct what’s the best way to approach a girl you like in any situation, get her into a conversation, build connection & sexual tension, and successfully see her again on a date.

If looking to learn more and make things happen before spots are over, click on the link below to speak with our enrollment team:

> Click here to start your journey

In case you missed our latest content, here’s a recap of last month’s videos: …

Our inner game wizard, Shae Matthews, released a mind-bending rant on how to progressively get over any type of social anxiety and insecurity and start taking effortless action in dating and life. Check it out HERE

Alex Leòn has shared his raw uncensored insights, gained through years of infiltrating elite social circles and meeting top-level women like models & celebrities, on how money truly affects your dating results. Check it out and get ready to be triggeredHERE

We also have released some awesome coaching transformation videos showing our brave students getting smoother and more successful at seducing girls in the street within hours of starting our programs. Check out the full clip HERE

Last but not least, I released my very first self-roast video. Going back through my infield archives and ripping apart my younger self, like I would a student. As it turns out, even the best used to suck at this, but persistence pays off 😉

That’s all for today.

Wishing you a naughty adventure-filled summer,



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