Why selfish guys f*ck better

Do you know when people say that to be a truly great lover, you must always make her come first?

I call bullsh*t on that.

Paradoxically, this male obsession with female orgasm is one of the main reasons why so many girls have to fake it and struggle to cum in bed.

Knowing how to expertly please your partner is, of course, of paramount importance…

But there is a time to be devoted and give all your attention to her needs and one to be selfish and shamelessly take what you want in bed.

Being hyper-fixated on guaranteeing that she climaxes at all costs is a one-way ticket to unnecessary pressure and mediocre, unexciting sex––plus, she likely already owns a vibrator for that 😉

It’s the unique alchemy of domination and submission, taking and allowing, and giving and receiving that creates truly mind-blowing sex you’ll both never get enough of.

This is something I cover in great detail in my latest video, where I chat with my fellow international dating coach Robbie Kramer. Together we reveal when you should be selfish and demanding in bed, when not to, and how to get any woman addicted to your d*ck.

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