Three naughty words girls wants to hear in bed (not what you think)

There are three words many girls want to hear in bed.

And they’re not “I love you”…

But “my little sl*t”.

It might sound controversial, but women love when you talk dirty to them during sex.

That’s the female equivalent of when a girl is moaning loud and passionately and begging you to f*ck her harder––a massive turn-on that drives her incredibly wild.

Of course, context and timing are paramount for this.

This is merely a theatrical game that begins and ends within the bedroom to make HER feel sexy and powerful.

So if you want it to work smoothly she needs to feel that you respect her and that there will be no negative consequences after the fantasy ends.

Plus, there are several escalating levels to effective sex talk. Depending on how open-minded your partner is, you might need to begin just with playful teasing remarks first and attempt the more nasty wordplay only later after you know that she can handle it.

In fact I’ve developed an “escalation ladder” for grading dirty talk.

To learn more about the gentleman’s way of dirty talking, watch my latest video below where I dive deep into how to use your verbal skills to help her unleash her most liberated, slutt*est self.

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