Why she doesn’t want a nice guy in bed (what she really craves)

Although women want a man to treat them like a princess on the streets, paradoxically, most women want the opposite of a nice sweet guy during sex…

They crave an experienced lover who can dominate them and bring out their wildest desires.

Something that most men are uncomfortable with because they erroneously assume it means hurting women or taking advantage of them.

In reality, however, being dominant and pushing her physical boundaries by spanking, choking, role-playing, or restraining her, when done safely, is excellent to help her let go and experience incredible pleasure unlike any she ever felt before.

Unlike many think, being dominant means being extremely committed to her pleasure in the most selfless way possible––in direct opposition to “bedroom nice guys” who act sweet and kind only because they expect something from her in return…

It’s a unique experience based on trust: she surrenders completely to you and in exchange, you take her further than she’s ever been.

To learn more about how to use sensual dominance to give her mind-blowing orgasms and pleasure, check my latest video below:


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