Why No Nut Could Make You Worse in Bed (Unless You do This)

Again and again, over the years, I’ve been asked to give my opinion as a sex and men’s dating coach on the popular subject of semen retention.

As we’re in the middle of the trending “No Nut November Challenge”, I thought no moment could be more fitting…

See, I’ve helped dozens of private clients (and hundreds online) to solve annoying issues like poor libido, weak erections, and lack of masculine energy, and extreme abstention from ejaculation has never been the solution.

For lots of men, the context in which they practice masturbation is far more damaging than the act itself…


Associating self-pleasuring to frequent extremely graphic p*rn consumption will often desensitize you towards regular sex (which is often not as extreme as in movies unless you know how to make it so).

Or, for example, masturbating frequently with a very tight grip will cause you to lose your erection whenever the intensity of your hand is not matched (especially when you’re inside a woman).

But strictly prescribing a month without ejaculating won’t solve these problems. If anything, it will make them worse

Building unnecessary stress around your sexuality and guilt once you inevitably relapse.

Through decades of personal research and work, I discovered that the best way to control and grow your desire is NOT by putting it on a leash, but by exploring it.

Learning to cycle sexual energy so you can stay on the edge as long as you want without finishing is, for example, one way to use masturbation to train yourself to be great in bed.

There are many others…which I detail in my latest video, shot in collaboration with our executive coach & Tantra expert Shae Matthews, which you can check below:

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