5 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Ideal For Sex

Although good approaching and seduction skills are paramount to consistently taking women home, you also need to make sure they feel comfortable once there.

Setting up the right mood in your crib, and especially in your bedroom, is key if you want sex to happen effortlessly.

I can’t recall how often I’ve been in men’s apartments that were messy, dirty, poorly lit, and generally uninviting.

Ignoring this will result in a weird, non-sexual atmosphere in which she might pull back at the last minute, saying that she “doesn’t feel like it”.

Or you take notice of it and start making the environment work in your favor…


From the moment a woman walks into my bedroom, the environment leads her into sensual surrender and relaxation, and sex is a natural consequence.

You don’t need expensive silk sheets or luxurious interior design in your sex location––it’s the details that matter.

Like the intensity and warmth of your light, a seductive fragrance in the air, and a speaker with a pre-made playlist, while also knowing what things to avoid that ruin immersion.

To learn more about this, watch my latest video, where I give you a tour of my boudoir and share 5 tips to turn your bedroom from a man cave into a sex temple:

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