Why most guys suck in the bedroom (women reveal their worst turnoffs)

They say Ego is the enemy of growth.

I’d argue it’s pretty damaging to your sex life as well.

After working with tens of thousands of men in the past two decades and gathering feedback from hundreds of women; it became clear that most men are falling well short of the type of pleasure possibilities they could give and receive in the bedroom.

For most guys, it’s all about ‘performing’…


Powerful thrusts.

Staying hard.

Thinking about maths equations to try and last 10 minutes

It sounds more like a mechanical chore than a lustful and mindblowing love-making session that leaves her quivering and ruined.

If you’re robotic, repetitive, and unresponsive to her cues and trigger points, your partners will likely have average experiences, possibly fake orgasms and eventually grow dissatisfied and look for a truly good f*ck elsewhere. Brutal I know, but it’s true.

The amazing part is, most never bother to even try to learn the erotic arts, but with a little humility, study, and experimentation, you can easily become part of the 1% of unforgettable lovers.

If you’re seriously committed to becoming the best lover she’ll ever meet, I strongly urge you to keep these two rules in mind:

First, there is a whole world of extreme pleasure beyond classic penetrative intercourse.

In fact, for a large percentage of women, the climax will only be reached through extensive foreplay and good mental stimulation (aka mindfuc*ing).

Second, every girl likes it differently.

Just because your ex enjoyed a tornado tongue down there, it doesn’t mean other women will. Paradoxically, the same ‘technique’ and intensity of stimulation that will make a girl c*m within a minute might cause intense discomfort and pain to a different one.

Seth Meyers Question GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Never assume you know what she likes, but always ask her.

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