Why men suck at relationships (is this you?)

Seduction is a 24/7 process, not a 20-minute performance.

If you’re at the beginning of your dating journey, you might not truly understand this yet…

After all, most guys initially prefer to meet different girls and have some casual fun.

But eventually, you will meet a woman that you deem worthy of seeing again, whether monogamously or not.

Thus a relationship is born.

And this is the moment when many guys make a fatal mistake: assuming unconditional attraction.

Simply put, just because some girl finds you interesting and is seduced by you at the beginning of your relationship, it does not mean she will continue to do so indefinitely.

After a few months of steamy s*x and burning desire, routine and monotony start to kick in.

And unless you have a plan and are proactively ready to deal with them, chances are she might become a little bored of you (and vice versa).

Of course, what to do next is up to you…

You can break things off and look for new exciting adventures.

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Or you can use seduction skills to reignite her desire and keep her attracted to you long-term.

No matter your choice, I highly recommend you learn the skill set to keep a woman with you no matter what. It will definitely come in handy at certain times in your life, and it’s the ultimate “self-assessment test” of confidence and mastery in dating.

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