The #1 Conversation Killer In Dating (dangerous)

Getting to know a girl at a deep level in conversation and straight out barraging her with questions are two very different things.

This is a common issue I often encounter with many of my students: how to properly lead things verbally

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See, every time we observe naturally charming people doing their thing, it’s their innate ability and confidence in flowing from one topic to another that fascinates us the most.

And so we try to replicate what they do by making excessive (and sometimes hilarious) use of one of the most basic conversation tools: questions.

Suddenly, the whole date begins to look and feel like a job interview, and as a result tension and desire dissipate and you lose the girl.

The solution?

A better way to go about this is to try what I often refer to as the “QAC” method.

Here’s how it works…

Every time you pose a Question, carefully listen to the Answer the other person gives you and then make a relevant Comment.

It might feel a bit weird or robotic at first, but once internalised, this framework is guaranteed to make you much more naturally charming and skilled in all sorts of verbal exchanges.

To learn more about effective conversation strategies and the QAC method, check the video below:

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