Why men lose their desire (libido killers revealed)

There’s an assumption that men should be ready to get it on with girls 24/7.

That the male sex drive is a vigorous fire that never stops burning.

However, most guys’ experience proves quite the opposite…

Masculine libido is a very delicate thing.

It’s not ever-present but fluctuating.

The more you try to control it and fake it when you don’t feel it, the less you experience it.

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But why is it that some men have a stronger sensual desire than others?

On one side, physiological reasons such as sleep patterns, diet, stress, or even the weather can affect your hormonal responses and your libido.

On the other, bedroom issues and a lack of motivation to even attempt sleeping with girls can also be extreme forms of self-sabotaging.

Untreated emotional wounds and chronic insecurities will often surface in the least expected ways…

Such as when you’re about to have a good time with a girl you like, and you suddenly feel numb, anxious or dissociated.

If you want to learn how to diagnose and treat most masculine sex drive issues, watch my latest video. In it, I break down the most common inner & outer libido killers I’ve encountered with thousands of students in the past 15 years and how to treat them.

Click the link below to watch it:


P.SWant to go at the root cause of any social, seductive, and confidence issues you will ever experience?

Masculinity problems are often a symptom of a common problem: a poorly formed and immature sense of self.

The lack of masculine role models and proper initiations into manhood (which have been part of human history for thousands of years) has caused men to become stiff, self-doubting, and emotionally numb.

These inner issues will often manifest in your relationship with others, and especially with women.

After working with thousands of male clients over the past fifteen years, I’ve developed a framework for rapidly installing masculinity upgrades in guys and guiding their healing path to confidence and inner balance.

Through both ancient and cutting edge transformational systems, I’ve brought together my elite crew of world class coaches to run the Natural Warrior Training.

NWT is TNL’s most innovative and intensive workshop, with over 8 days of full-spectrum masculine character training ranging from physical movement, & strength training, tribal initiations, Tantra & sensuality coaching, internal martial arts, psychotherapy, shamanic ceremonies, trauma healing, and more.

The next round of NWT runs from August 15th-August 22nd, 2021, at my property in Portugal. There’s only two spots left to join,

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