Can you take girls home on day 1? (Here’s how I do it)

Sleeping with a beautiful girl within hours of meeting her sounds like a wet dream to most men…

But it’s more likely to happen than you might think.

In fact, girls too crave the idea of meeting a sexy stranger and sleeping with him the same day.

Why? Because it’s often the closest they get to experience being in a Hollywood movie.

It’s pure dating magic when you think about it…

Attractive women are so used to annoying catcalling from drunk dudes and weird people that they often ignore everyone when they’re out.

So they often find most of their dating prospects through their social circle and workplace––it gets boring real fast.

But one day they finally meet a charming, socially savvy guy who is so interested in her that has to stop whatever he’s doing and walk up to her in the street.

Sexy Jessica Alba GIF

This is something rare, and many single girls are likely to be intrigued by such a good opportunity.

Still, lots of guys never get to experience the real fun and adventure as they self-sabotage themselves by making poor choices.

Either they get too needy and try to make a move too soon, creeping her out and killing the attraction.

Or they decide to postpone everything, take the number and schedule a date in the future even if she’s clearly free and open to getting to know them at that moment.

If this is you, it’s important you stop self-sabotaging your results right now!

Watch my latest video to learn the three most important things you should do to take a girl home right after the approach. Click the link below to watch it:

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